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  1. You will probably get much more qualified advice to your query but, in my limited experience working/shadowing, it seemed that physical exams/historys were tailored to the patient complaint. You wont be doing a rectal exam on a patient presenting with chest pain. Your h&p is succint and specific and should allow you to SPIT a differential. Ill leave this here and wait for some of the more experienced clinicians to discuss. Good luck and enjoy the ride.
  2. Ill never forget pushing D50 into a patient with a glucose <15. Resurrection is an appropriate term. Guy sat straight up, wide eyed, wondering who the hell we were and what was going on. The practice of medicine is paved with excitement.
  3. Aortic dissection/aneurysm? I see a hugely dilated aortic root.
  4. Cook County in Chicago has an EM residency with rotation in trauma. Im sure you see/do alot. They dont call it 'chi-raq' for nothing. Unfortunately, i dont know anyone that has participated in this program. http://www.ccbh.org/about/pa-residency/
  5. That is how it worked at my previous job. Trauma would get activated and come from their hideout on a different floor. ED and Trauma were a completely different service.
  6. according to him, "typing A or B is obsolete". EP only cares about location of the accessory pathway.
  7. So i spoke with another cardiologist regarding the original ECG and he concurred that it was, indeed, type B but added that typing WPW is obsolete. He pointed me to the following algorithm for determining location of an accessory pathway: http://www.uptodate.com/contents/image?imageKey=CARD/70648&topicKey=CARD%2F953&source=outline_link&utdPopup=true Following the algorithm gives me accessory pathway locacted in the right anteroseptal wall due to isoelectric delta in aVL and LBBB pattern.
  8. If an academic institution is going to charge students 100-150k for an education, those students should expect an equitable salary upon graduation. I highly doubt anyone in the profession would be willing to make the sacrifices necessary to get into school if their primary priority was money. There are many easier ways to make money than attending night classes while working full time, going 6 figures into debt, and trading ALL of your time for 2+ years in exchange for an education. All of my fellow students, including myself, are in the medical field because they LOVE medicine/science/making
  9. If you apply through CASPA, which im sure 90% of programs use, then you must defer/accept the option to read the letters of recommendation written for you but they are only made available after submission. All of the individuals writing letters for me sat down with me and went over them, asking if I had anything to add/subtract. It was awkward but I appreciated it and was most certainly an ego boost.
  10. Be persistent and show the ADCOM that you belong. Many, many threads on this forum telling stories of redemption and overcoming low GPAs (much lower than 3.1). If you want it, pursue it tenaciously. Sounds like you have a great passion for people and the profession.
  11. Thanks for the help guys. I assumed ICD was the first course. Would it be indicated with syncope? What if the holter shows asymptomatic psvt or pvt? Just the CCB or do you consider ablation? Would you worry about runs of tachycardia becoming symptomatic at some point?
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