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  1. I actually gave up my spot in the class today and I will be attending another program so one spot will be opened up. I did love saint francis though! Good luck to the Class of 2016!!
  2. I didn't hear back either so I e-mailed Wendy. She said that she sent me an email on Feb 27th. I never received the email but she told me today that I am number 41 on the wait list so I am attending another program as well. Good luck to everyone!!
  3. Is anyone still waiting to hear something? I thought the tabled applicants would hear something by today.
  4. We should start a new thread for wait list 2016 so people can post what they are ranked. That looked very helpful for the past years so everyone could see the movement on the list. I still am waiting to hear back! Good luck and congrats to everyone who has been accepted!!
  5. I interviewed Feb 15th and received the acceptance call on my way home from the interview! So happy!!!!
  6. I didn't see anything in the email about the facebook group so I am sure it would be fine to make one now. I think anyone can start one. Just post the link on this page so people can join.
  7. I will be there on the 15th too. Does anyone have any tips about interview day, hotels, campus etc?
  8. I woke up and got the email on Saturday morning. My email actually said it was sent by them at 2am which yes, is very odd. I submitted my CASPA in May and it was verified on June 10th.
  9. I just got an invitation to interview this morning for the Jan 17th date. My CASPA was verified on June 10th! There is still hope for those of you that are still waiting.
  10. I was emailed about being on the wait list to interview. Does anyone know how many people are interviewed each cycle?
  11. I have not heard anything either, I interviewed Dec 2nd. I am also glued to my email. It's really distracting!
  12. They actually have two more interview days, one next Friday and one on January 17th
  13. Has anyone sent an email update? If so, which e-mail did you send it to?
  14. Has anyone heard anything about interviews lately?
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