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  1. Hey Bartom congratulations on you acceptance. Could you please share you experience on the essay that they make you write? or is it confidential? is it a random topic or about yourself. I get anxious writing under pressure so it would be nice to know the process a little more in detail. how was the interview process overall? I would really appreciate if you could share the information. That's of course only i you are allowed. Thank you
  2. hey guys congratulations to everyone that has been accepted to the program and those who have been granted an interview. I applied July 28 but have not heard anything. is anyone else in the same predicament? I am extremely anxious and nervous every single day. Is it likely that i got rejected if i have not heard anything yet? so many of you have gotten interviews and have been accepted. I am freaking out!!
  3. has anyone heard or been granted an interview?
  4. how so? would you mind explaining since I am considering applying to the school.
  5. Just submitted my supp application!!!!! woohooo!! good luck everyone!
  6. I Know from a friend who attends MCPHS in Boston who has friends in Northeastern that teh schools program is really good and one of the oldest in Boston if not the oldest and their statistics are pretty high...usually a 3.5 cumulative and 3.6 science GPA. But what i am worried about is that they say you cannot take bio or gen chem in a college you have to have taken those classes in a 4 year intitution. I wonder if they are really strict about that. Also they require no GRE. IF anyone know how strict they are about the courses taken at a 2 year institution please let me know
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