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  1. How long was your commute? I've applied to a a job that is 66 miles away from where I live but opposite traffic. So it would be a trafficless drive but it's long. I've done hour long commutes but usually due to traffic not due to distance. I'm not sure what's worst.
  2. Due to my short work history, there were some issues with unemployment that has delayed me getting unemployment money. But hopefully has been fixed this past week when I was finally able to get through on a phone call. My work is refusing to authorize any CME funding right now which is disappointing. So I'm just working on my medical Spanish right now paying out of pocket. I'm currently living with high-risk in-laws which makes me reluctant to apply to the COVID tents. Thank you for replying. I appreciate the responses. Praying for better opportunities.
  3. I started at an occupational med position at the end of February and was furloughed mid April due to COVID reducing patient numbers. I was hired on as a float so I was supposed to be covering the clinics that had providers go on vacation or needed more coverage. So due to COVID, no one is going and vacation and they just don't need as many providers to cover the clinics right now. I'm frustrated because it took me so long to find a position in the first place(5 months) because of the saturated area. Now I'm kinda at a lost of what to do right now. It's unlikely that they'll be bringing me ba
  4. Alternate Status here I wonder if many get off the waitlist
  5. Hello! Where did you guys stay during your interview? I've booked a room at University Place Hotel but if there are better options at better rates, that would be appreciated.
  6. Waitlist for interview consideration here. I wonder how likely I'll get off the list. Email complete 7/25
  7. Hello! I just wanted to ask when you guys got your application complete email? Thanks and Congrats :)
  8. Did anyone else have issues with the formatting for the prereq form? I'm trying to enter information accurately but there are some weird format restrictions. Any help with that would be great. Thanks!
  9. For the supplement it says Responses to the following should be limited to 500 words or less. Do they mean 500 words or less per question or in total for all questions?
  10. Hi! So I'm a reapplicant from last year so I had my information carried over this cycle. When I applied last year I had a class in progress. This time around that class is done so I had a new transcript submitted. Will I be getting a notification that my new updated transcript was received? Just concerned since it's taking longer than last year to get notice from CASPA about my transcript.
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