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  1. I did get accepted into OLOL also. But I am from New Orleans, and LSU's tuition is a lot cheaper, so I have to pick LSU. However, I did really like the faculty and environment at OLOL.
  2. I got my acceptance letter too! And we should definitely start an FB group!
  3. Alright, so my Mom called OLOL this past Friday. The lady over there told her that they were mailing letters either Friday or Saturday, no emails. So maybe we just didn't get them yet? Hopefully, they'll be here with tomorrow's mail.
  4. My friend who got into OLOL last year said he got his email in the evening.
  5. Because Shreveport starts in May, they won't be sending out interview invites until December. They hold their interviews in early/mid January, so we have a while.
  6. Hey guys! I just found out that I have an interview with LSU New Orleans in about 2 weeks. I know that the program is new, so I was basically wondering if a member of the current class or someone who interviewed with them last year could tell me how the process went and how long the interview was? It would be so helpful! Thanks!
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