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  1. you don't even have to request a number as all contact information is in the instructions and FAQ...which you should be reading!
  2. 5 Tips for CASPA Opening Day Here at CASPA, we gear up for months to be ready for the exciting moments that lead up to our opening day! We get extra sleep, we wake up early, get an extra shot of espresso in our coffee and we arrive all smiles! Opening day— this year Wednesday April 27th—is an exciting time for us and our applicants. They are excited to take the first step towards becoming PAs— and we are beaming with delight to welcome them. Now, we can do all the things to get ready, but with the high numbers of you who are ready to begin your applications, opening day is always a bit of a frenzy! To make sure you have a great experience, avoid frustrations and reduce any unnecessary anxiety, here are five things to do and know: 1. Be Prepared. If you thoroughly understand the process and have all of your materials ready, you’ll be in good shape to sail through your application. In fact, you will likely have a better experience if you spend an extra day or two preparing your materials rather than rushing to create an application. 2. Read Up If it’s been awhile since you checked out our FAQs, you might want to review how to prepare pre-launch and learn about application deadlines. 3. Don’t Obsess About Applying on Opening Day! It’s not Black Friday or a concert, so relax...a little. We know you’ve worked hard to get to this point and we want to help you on the way to this important goal. Remember, the application will be available at night, the next day and the weekend, and for days and days after that. You’ve got enough stress in your life and you can avoid additional tension by simply waiting a day or two to create your account. 4. Anticipate Delays. With so many folks trying to apply on opening day, all elements of our operation may move a bit more slowly. Our teams are certainly trained, ready and eager to serve you during the next cycle but wait times may be a bit higher for the first few days of the application season. We thank you in advance for your understanding and patience. 5. Skip Opening Day. Don’t take the day off from work or school to complete the application on April 27. Save your time off for hiking, shopping, or a vacation! We realize you are excited, eager and probably a bit nervous about this process. Be assured our teams understand the importance and the stress that comes with the application process. We hope you will take our advice, be well prepared, enjoy a few extra days of spring and then undertake a successful application cycle!
  3. On behalf of the Physician Assistant Education Association, I am sharing this information about NCCPA's proposal to change PANRE recertification process. Please read below and share. http://paeaonline.org/open-letter-to-nccpa-re-new-panre-model/
  4. No. Anything that arrives before April 27 is not saved. Save yourself the trouble and wait for the launch day to pass - it will be SO busy - come back a couple days later, start your app and get it all done with no headaches. There is no benefit to getting everything done the first day.
  5. As the CASPA manager at the Physician Assistant Education Association (PAEA), I would like to comment on this to give you a different perspective. For good reason, applicants are very eager to submit their application the day it opens. This year that date is April 27. It is exciting to get your application submitted for many reasons - it checks off a box on the to do list, there is much anticipation with starting and getting it done, about the potential of getting interviews and acceptances, and starting down the path to your dream career. All of these very valid and understandable points, but there is really no real reason to rush to get your application done and submitted on the day that it launches - let alone starting it. Often we have applicants who take the day off of work or schedule time to work on their application for launch day only to be disappointed because, first, it's not possible to get your application done in one day. Having to request and wait for documents to arrive just doesn't allow that to happen. Two, so many potential applicants are hitting the system on launch day that it can crash - this happened last year when we had over 10,000 visitors in the first three minutes of the portal launch. Of course, we had many upset applicants clogging the phone lines, Facebook and customer service email because they took the day off work to work on the application and we couldn't get it up and running until the next day. While we do our absolute best to anticipate volume, PA is so hot right now in terms of career outlook, we cannot accurately predict the number of applicants and amount of traffic we will have that first day. There are only so many servers and so much we can do to insure a smooth launch day. This means we cannot have 50,000 applicants hitting the site on the first day, the site will run slowly, and it may go down. These things will happen. These are, in large part, avoidable issues on your end. There is absolutely NO reason - besides personal reasons - why an application needs to be started on launch day. At minimum, it will take an applicant a day to complete all of the data on the application, which you can have at hand before the cycle opens - it is essentially basic demographic data and academic and work history that you would put on your resume - all information you should know already. After you spend some time inputting this data in the application, you can pay & submit. But after that you have to request documents (transcripts, evaluations, etc) to be sent and that is typically the part that takes the MOST time, not completing the application itself. The first deadline of the cycle is June 15 and ZERO CASPA programs hold that deadline. There are only four programs that have the next deadline of July 15 (all of which require the application to only be 'complete'). Then from there the deadlines are August 1, September 1, October 1, November 1, December 1, January 15 and finally, March 1. Along with application deadlines come different deadline requirements - some programs only want you to submit your application by their posted deadline. This means you must complete the minimum amount of information on the application in order to pay & submit. Other programs will want you to have a 'complete' application which means you must pay & submit, all transcripts and at least two evaluations must be posted to your CASPA application account by their posted deadline. When this happens, you get a 'complete' date. Both of the above statuses are 100% driven by you, the applicant minus the time it takes for CASPA staff to process incoming documents to post to your account. The final deadline requirement is 'verified' which means all of the above things must be completed AND your GPA calculations (verification) must be completed. Verification is driven by the CASPA verification team. Once your application is given a 'complete' date, your application is put into a queue for verification. Applications are verified in the order they get sent to the queue per the complete date. At MAXIMUM, verification can take 4 weeks (not six weeks - that information is false). This means that IF you are applying to multiple programs and just one of them requires verification by a deadline, you need to do everything you can to have the application in a complete status FOUR WEEKS in advance of that deadline. While verification does not often take four weeks, that is the guarantee CASPA offers to applicants. To break it down, if you are applying to a PA program with a September 1 verified deadline, you need to make sure your application is in complete status no later than August 1. With all of that said, there is a lot of pressure for applicants to 'apply early.' This pressure is valid because it is important to apply early, as some programs run a rolling admissions process, but it is also undue pressure because applicants take 'apply early' to mean apply on the first day the application launches. This is unnecessary, and as stated above, can cause a lot of problems with the system and headaches for you. It isn't necessary to do that to yourself and stress yourself out even more - the application process itself is stressful enough. Instead, how about this? Get excited for launch day - April 27. Let is pass by as the system is likely going to be overloaded anyway. Go to work or school that day and save your time off for something more fun. Help our customer service reps by not clogging the phone lines, email and Facebook all day on the 27th, which frees them up to help applicants with relevant issues. Get your application data prepared now and come back a few days after launch, create your account (or log into last cycle's account) and work on your application. There is NO harm in waiting three or four days post-launch to start the application. There is NO benefit or advantage your will gain from any program by doing this. It is very likely all you will be is annoyed if the site is slow or not working properly. I GUARANTEE YOU this will minimize headaches (we can't take them away completely because the application process is not really fun for anyone no matter what you're applying to) and it will just make this process a lot smoother for you. Stress about scheduling and preparing for interviews and making decisions on acceptance offers. DON'T STRESS ABOUT THE APPLICATION. Take my advice or leave but I recommend you take it because this is the fifth application cycle I will see launch as manager, and I've seen this happen every single year. Eagerness is a great asset but in this circumstance it doesn't help anyone, especially you. Best of luck in the new application cycle. Danielle
  6. I'm sorry for your experience but it sounds like this was a mistake on WES's part, not CASPA's. WES transcripts are sent directly to CASPA by WES and CASPA does not alter these as they come in.
  7. No, this is not consumed by programs.
  8. I am aware that there are issues with some applicants experiencing problems accessing CASPA customer service. With high applicant volume we anticipate it will be an issue for the remainder of the cycle. As much as I would like to help every applicant, I am not customer service, I do not work for customer service, nor do I have access to ANY individual application. I cannot access applications, check statuses or give any information on individual applications. As an applicant, you will need to contact customer service for this information. They can be reached at caspainfo@caspaonline.org or 617.612.2080. They have activated a call back feature that you can utilize if wait times are too long. This feature is new and has been running very well in the past couple of weeks to help alleviate stress on the phone lines. If I receive an email from an applicant with a specific request for review of their individual application, I will not respond to it nor forward it to a CASPA team member, you must contact CASPA customer service via the instructions included above. I do apologize for the poor customer service experience this cycle and would like to assure each and every one of you that we are taking the necessary steps to improve this daily and have it up and running in full capacity before the open of the 2016-2017 application cycle. Thank you for your understanding, Danielle
  9. The program has access to all of your application and statuses from the moment you submit your application to them. In a few days, once you designate the program (pre-submit), they will also be able to access a small portion of your application, including contact information. You do NOT need to and should not notify programs that you have been verified, they are aware.
  10. You have to pay for a program to actually submit to them so if you did not pay, you will not be charged. If you paid, you will be charged and not refunded because you cannot remove a program once you have paid for it.
  11. The average amount of PA programs applicants apply to is 7, up from 6 for the past two application cycles. You are above average, which is not a problem, but only you can decide if this is the right decision for you. Some things to help you with that decision - if they have a deadline that has not yet passed, do they have rolling admissions? If the answer is yes (look at their website or contact them) then it may be too late in the cycle to apply, especially if their deadline is in the next couple of months. If they accept apps until early 2016 then you may want to consider submitting an app to them for consideration.
  12. You should start by researching and a good place to do this is at PA Focus, www.pafocus.org and the PA program directory at http://directory.paeaonline.org.
  13. I really wouldn't worry much about it - yes, programs will notice the physician's - but you didn't write the letter. Adcoms don't expect (although would love) that every single person, regardless of whether they work with them or not, know what a PA is and how to spell it properly. I wouldn't email CASPA because they cannot remove a letter from an application - they can only note if an evaluator wants to rescind their letter, which would not be good in your case. What you can do is share this site with all your friends :) http://howtospellphysicianassistant.com/
  14. Thanks for your patience. We are drafting appropriate language to include with the dates being verified (since there are some different types of verification categories internally). Once that is complete, I should be able to post here (and on Facebook, Reddit, PA Focus) the current verification dates every other day or on a daily basis. We hope to start this by the end of this week.
  15. The quality of program has nothing to do with whether or not they participate in CASPA. Participation in CASPA is a decision that programs make based on a lot of factors, but not their quality.
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