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  1. Those of you who are accepted at Nova-Ft. Myers and another school, please choose the latter!
  2. Probably February or March, Ms. Claudia said there are more interviews this month.
  3. I talked to Ms. Claudia today and she said 41 seats have been filled. And that the committee seems like they won't look at the alternate list until the New Year
  4. I talked to Ms. Claudia last month and she told me we might find out in the middle of December, however there's a chance we might have to wait till the new year to find out because of the holidays.
  5. Those on the waiting list....we should be hearing back soon! I still have strong hope!
  6. I found out that the latest we will hear if we get in, is on Tuesday...ahhhhhhhhhh!
  7. I'm getting scared now, I interviewed on the 6th and didn't receive a call yet :/
  8. I interviewed on the 11th in the afternoon group! The anticipation sucks! Ms. Claudia told me we will most likely find out either this Friday, or on Monday or Tuesday if we get accepted.
  9. Anybody interviewed on 11/6? I know we just had it but the waiting period is killing me!
  10. Hiii! Can anyone who already went for the interviews tell me if there was like an essay portion? And if there was, could you give me an idea of what it was about please?
  11. I have a random question for everyone. How do you guys decided between the different Nova campuses? Like why would you choose Nova- Naples vs. Nova-Jacksonville aside from location.
  12. For everyone who interviewed in the month of august, we should be finding out next week about our status! I wish we could all get accepted! :/
  13. Those of you who interviewed already...How many other students interviewed that day with you? Rocketpropelled, what time is your interview at?
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