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  1. I heard that about the scribe position as well, but I have worked as a scribe at an ER and currently at an urgent care and both experiences are very different. At an ER, I was only able to do scribe duties which is everything that involved the chart - just like you said, I was not allowed to touch the patient and rarely talked to them as well. Most scribe positions are found in the hospital which is probably why many people assume u get no PCE with that position. At the urgent care, my title is still a scribe because my most important duty is to finalize the provider's medical charts (CC, HPI, ROS, PE, Assessment, Rx, Preventive Medication, Referrals, etc.). I am only allowed to do certain things without supervision - EKG, UA, UCG, Rapid Strep/Flu, Snellen's Vision Test, and depending on the provider minimal ortho care and wound care. I also get to help the provider with pelvic exams, cleaning wounds, help with splinting, help with abscess drainage - all of that with supervision. But, I definitely consider all that PCE (not too sure if it is the best). What I truly like about what I do now as a scribe is that I am the person who is with the patient from the beginning to the end. I take their vitals, obtain medical history, the HPI. I then present to the provider, and the provider comes into the pt's room with me. I am there during every procedure for documentation and assistance reasons. When the provider done and leaves, I am still with the patient to finalize his pharmacy or to give discharge instructions. Because we work with Medical Assistants as well, the job title cannot be changed. At the urgent care, the MAs are mostly in charge of any lab processing and drawing blood. They also can do Rapid Strep/Flu, UA, UCG, and EKG. But they are not allowed to do anything with the chart. So I guess that is why my title sticks as a scribe since I am not allowed to draw blood. What are some PCE that CNAs do? I am always under the impression of cleaning elderly patients, but I know that isn't always true. Thank you so much for the advice! Do you think it is possible to find per diem CNA positions? Good luck to you as well!!
  2. Thank you so much for the encouragement! I am definitely more concerned compared to 1 month ago. I attended an information session a week ago and the admissions chair states that he immediately tosses low GPA into the rejected pile without looking much into it. It is relieving that my GPA isn't THAT bad. I definitely hope they consider me because of the reasons you listed me as! Unfortunately, my transcript doesn't label my physics class as an engineering class so I am not even sure if they will understand. I will definitely start looking into retaking biochemistry as that is the only pre-req (for some schools) that is really bringing my GPA down. Do you know if most schools accept summer credits or only semester-based courses?
  3. Hello HanSolo, thank you for the response! I spoke to a lot of PA programs and many of themdo not accept medical scribe positions, but if I elaborate on what I do as a scribe they would definitely count it as PCE. I elaborated my duties as a scribe to admissions representative and they said thats definite PCE, but I must make sure to mention it. Thank you for the advice!
  4. Hi Everyone! I am planning to apply to PA schools in the Northeast during this upcoming cycle. I would like to hear what everyone's thoughts are regarding my GPA and how much it may hinder my chances in PA school. Here are my stats: 22 y/o Female. Graduated May 2016 with B.S. Biochemistry. cumulative GPA 3.27, science GPA 3.21 ~1600 patient care hours as certified medical scribe at an urgent care so far 2 LORs so far - doctor & manager from work GRE score = 155 Verbal 47% / 155 Quant 59% / 4.5 Writing 59% 300+ volunteer hours in undergrad career Undergraduate extracurriculars - worked part time, 20 hours/wk of research, 1-3 leadership positions each semester, volunteering, I started with 3.5 GPA at end of freshman year, but my last 2 years ruined it and gave me a downward GPA trend. I put too much time into extracurriculars instead of my classes. I did well in most of the pre-req courses (except Biochemistry I & II with a C+), but my other science classes that I needed for my Biochem major really killed my GPA - engineering Physics I&II (got C-), Biology of Cancer (C+), and P-Chem (C- as well, but retook and got a B+). At work, I take the patient's vitals, patient's medical history and HPI, complete the health care provider's legal documents/charts, perform & help with some procedures with supervision (EKG, vision tests, splinting, wound care, pelvic exams, etc). Is my PCE considered good quality? I don't have a strong third LOR from an academic provider or PA. Would it be a problem if all of my LOR are <1 year of knowing them. I am currently in the process of shadowing an ortho PA sand I am planning to retake it the GREs again to improve my Verbal at the very least. Here are some schools I am interested in: MCPHS Boston, Boston University, Bay Path College, Tufts University School of Medicine, MGH Institute or Health Professionals, Stony Brook University, Pace University, NY Institute of Technology, Touro College, Rush University, Rosaline Franklin University of Medicine, Temple University. I know I have good interview skills, but I am scared my GPA may ruin my profile on paper. What is everyone's thoughts on my chances?
  5. Hi, thank you for all of your suggestions! I really appreciate it. By the way, I am from Boston but I go to Syracuse University so finding hospitals in rural areas might be a bit difficult for me. However, all of your advice helped a lot! Another thing, is it best to take a gap year and get more HCE before applying to PA school? I personally do not want to take a gap year because I want to jump right into everything and I feel like I might forget a lot of my science material, but if I do not take a gap year, I will only get ~750 hours by the time I apply as a senior. The PA schools I am looking into are Northeastern Univ. and SUNY but most of the good PA schools require 1,000 HCE hours. A friend of mine told me that whatever school you choose after undergrad will matter when it comes to getting a job. Would it be best to take a gap year and then apply and get a better chance in getting into a better PA school or does it even matter? Also, what happens if I do not get accepted into a PA school after I take a gap year? I read in one of the requirements that science courses required must be taken within 5 years of applying. If I fail to get accepted after my gap year, does that mean I would pretty much have to retake the courses I took at my freshman year? I would really want to succeed but I am just afraid of the possibilities of failing.
  6. I am following a pre-PA track right now and I have recently just finished my first year of undergrad. I originally was planning to volunteer at a hospital, but I realized when it was too late that it does not offer the hands-on patient care experience that I desired. I'm still going to volunteer at the hopsital, but I would really like to gain this experience starting this summer. I cannot do any HCE at a hospital since I am not certified in anything. To gain such an experience, should i try to get certified as an EMT or CNA? If so, which do you think is the best road to take to get the best experience? Are there any other ways of gaining HCE besides being certified as an EMT or CNA? I would really like to get myself involved in hands on patient care experience since i haven't been really exposed to it. My only concern about being certified as an EMT / CNA during my undergrad years is the possibility of not being able to find a job with that certification. That would pretty much mean I wasted my ~1k to get certified.
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