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  1. I interviewed with UNC last year. They do have a preference for NC residents, but they certainly accept out of state applicants every year, so stay positive! They do not. The class size is only 20 students, and they will interview around 60 applicants total. The last couple of years, they held all interviews over a 3 day period in October and then sent out all decisions a week or so after that.
  2. Just got my official "Thanks but no thanks". It was great meeting everyone at the interview! Congrats to those accepted and good luck with your next two years!
  3. Did that. I also interviewed on 10/15. I did get an email on the 17th about a post-interview survey, but that was the last communication I received from them. WHAT DOES IT MEAN!?!?!
  4. Not sure about that. Im seeing people here who interviewed the same day as me or the day after receive either acceptance or waitlist notifications and i still havent heard anything. Not sure what their process is.
  5. Just got my official rejection. Not a huge surprise as I really didn't do well in the interview. Anxiety got the better of me. Best wishes to those accepted though. You'll be part of building a world class PA program, and I have no doubt it will be a fantastic experience!
  6. I got the exact same call on Monday! I'm curious who turns down an interview opportunity at Duke even if it wouldn't necessarily be your first choice.
  7. A few schools I found have said they give strong preference to pre-reqs taken at 4-year institutions, but I believe that's because they're super competitive and receive several thousand applications for less than 100 seats. They can afford to be snobby. The vast majority of schools don't care as long as they're regionally accredited. They are far more concerned that you performed well in your classes, especially if you did so while working.
  8. Confirmed for 8am on Oct 10th here. Good luck everyone!
  9. I got the call also around 8pm last night. Certainly didn't expect to receive that call that late. I almost didn't answer my phone either, thinking it was a spam/robo caller. See you guys in a few weeks! ?
  10. Got the email for the supplemental application this morning, and I only submitted everything to CASPA Saturday night. Submitted the supplemental app just now. I'm probably too late, but crossing my fingers anyway.
  11. If you're looking for a rapid path into something, I second the EMT-Basic route in a 911-based system (not inter-facility transport). It will give you the most direct patient care experience, where you are actually making decisions about how to manage your patient without direct orders from a provider (technically, you operate under protocols and standing orders). You will encounter the widest range of patient populations and get exposed to all manner of medical emergencies. The training can be done in about a month in some accelerated programs, or in one college semester's time for more traditional programs.
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