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  1. Starting on mine tomorrow. I have a friend who has completed the first section, and she said it was tough. She was using 2 monitors, and said she didn't have time to look up any of the questions.
  2. I have worked in both occ med and a retail clinic. I enjoyed them both, and the pay was much better than my previous position in family practice.
  3. I paid for the state license myself, I paid for all health related visits, blood work, and immunizations. All they would have paid would have been man-hours spent working on the credentialing paperwork I filled out.
  4. I know this has been touched on before, but I was hoping for possibly more feedback. Signed a contract in May, start date isn't until August. A requirement of the job was made known after the contract was signed that is not something I am willing to be a part of. My contract states either party must give 30 days' notice to terminate employment (originally it was 90, I revised this to state 30, and the employer signed). Can they require me to repay credentialing fees, etc?
  5. Thank you, this is the best answer yet. I have a "bad feeling" about it for several reasons, some of which would include some of the things they have requested from me during the credentialing process, AND the fact that they didn't disclose the requirement of prescribing Suboxone and Ativan until I was already neck deep in it. I have two months until my commencement date, so I still have time.
  6. Minnesota. But the jail med portion isn't telemedicine, it is done by telephone.
  7. We have to have the 24 hours of training to have the Suboxone waiver added to our DEA number to be allowed to prescribe. I haven't been able to find info about prescribing via telemedicine or phone, for patients who would not be "regular" patients of a clinic I was working for. It appears most of the PA's who are doing this would be working at an addiction clinic with patients that are established with them. This would be jail medicine, so they would be in and out.
  8. No input? I really could use some advice on this.
  9. Hello all. I applied and interviewed for a telemedicine position, and was one of 3 PA's who received offers for this position, which includes acute medicine and jail medicine via telephone and video. After I had spent months in the credentialing process, as well as licensure in another state, I was told part of our duties would be prescribing Suboxone and Ativan for jail medicine patients. I have only held a license in a state that does not allow PA's to prescribe narcotics, so I have never even had a DEA number, and I am very uncomfortable with this requirement. I have been researching on
  10. This is the experience I have working for them: http://www.courier-journal.com/story/news/local/2015/09/22/company-accused-tax-skimming-doctors/72627278/
  11. In Kentucky, there are laws governing what we can see in a "Limited Services Clinic", i.e. Acute Clinic, i.e. Retail Clinic. The Urgent treatment centers and clinics are the ones who repair lacerations, order films, do casting, I & D's, etc. In the Acute Clinics, we can do a Steri-Strip if it's appropriate, but that's as far as wound repair goes. Lots of URI's, school, work, and DOT physicals, lice (ew), limit of one refill on chronic medications. I absolutely love it. After years and years of family practice, this is exactly where I want to be (if I can't work from home). I g
  12. We were just talking about this today; there are already a large number of "phone consults" done with established patients; the only difference is, there is no charge for them.
  13. It sounds really low-rent to some PAs who do internal medicine or some such, but the best job I ever had was at a retail clinic. I had nearly complete autonomy over the day-to-day functioning of the clinic, didn't have to worry about reattaching a limb or doing brain surgery, and the pay was much better than FP. The hours stink, though, and employment is always by staffing services rather than the hospital who owns the clinic.
  14. I am old too. I am getting ready to return to full-time work after taking the last couple of years off to recharge. The thought of seeing patients with Google medical school degrees, dealing with doctors who cut out of town at 5 pm on Thursday and turn their phone off so they are unreachable, being expected to do everything the doc does and know everything he knows for a fraction of his income, driving an hour each way to work......... I'm just not feeling it. I'm too old to go in a completely different direction, so I'm hoping to find something I can do with the education and certi
  15. Is anyone practicing telemedicine? I have found a couple of opportunities, but nothing has panned out yet. If anyone has advice on this, please let me know.
  16. I did the four hour trial of Hippo, and I found it to be VERY helpful. I got more than a couple of correct answers on the PANRE thanks to the cardiology and pulmonology videos. When I retest in five years (not waiting until the last minute next cycle), I am going to use Hippo to study and forget about the Emory review. I didn't find it helpful for the PANCE, and I didn't find it helpful for the PANRE this time, either.
  17. I got my results yesterday, and I am happy to report that I passed! My scores went down quite a bit from the last time I took the PANRE, but I'm not going to be too concerned about it. Just glad it is over for awhile!
  18. Got my results yesterday, and I passed also. Barely, but a miss is as good as a mile, right? So glad that is behind me for awhile!
  19. I took mine the 21st also. Still waiting. Some people said you would receive them on the Thursday after your exam.... maybe it will be next Thursday? Do you feel like you did well on the exam?
  20. I worked in primary care until about a year ago, then I started working in an acute clinic two months later. Now, I realize in a "Minit-Clinic" we don't see any internal medicine type cases, but I wasn't seeing a lot of the exam topics in primary care either.
  21. I know the last time, I felt like I had failed when I finished. The test seemed a lot more difficult this time, for some reason. I have been reading a lot of others saying that also.
  22. I took the PANRE today. This is the second time I have taken the PANRE, and this time was much worse than six years ago. For preparation, I used the Comprehensive Review book, the Lange question and answer book, and the Emory CD. I have been studying almost every day since February; MUCH more than I prepared the last time I took the exam. When I left the testing center, I felt.... well, "deflated" might be a good word. I am sure I failed. I kept count of how many questions I flagged, that I wasn't "sure" about, and I am embarrassed to even share that number. Any suggestions
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