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  1. Actually my SP physician has been very accommodating and has offered to give me a good reference. It's the office administrator that is out of control and one of the major reasons I'm leaving. When I asked for raise and gave him data from aapa he told me that I'm not worth that much and he knows a behavioral therapist who has a masters degree and she only make $40k a year so I'm lucky to be getting my horribly low $28 an hour salary. I'm not even sure how he could make that comparison, but that's the mentality that I'm dealing with. In fact when I told my sp that I was leaving he offered to tell administrator for me to try to guard me from administrators impending blow up on me. Even he knows this man is out of control, but they let him get away with whatever.
  2. So I had posted the topic "asking for a raise"... and well I ended up applying for an accepting another job, but after I told my current employer I was leaving I recieved an email telling me that I will need to pay back 2 years worth of my DEA fee becuase I was only working there for a year and it is good for 3. Is this normal practice? Also I was told I had to pay back 8 months worth of by AAPA membership fees. So all said and done I will have to pay like $600 which he plans to take out of my last paycheck. Since this is my first time leaving a job, I don't know if this is standard practice. I do mention that I was allowed up to $1000 a year for CME, which I have only used like $140 total (for my AAPA membership) over my past year there of which was supposed to be from CME money. So I don't understand how he can take that back at this point.
  3. Yes I did a lot of research before applying for jobs and know that I'm getting paid horribly, but I didn't really know what to expect because all through school pas locally told me that this area is overall horrible for paying pas and when I interviewed I was told that the numbers online for pas are no where near accurate for this area and the range that was provided was $25-30. I know... Move lol but my husband has a good job locally so there are not a lot of options. Basically just wondering if I should wait until my 1 year anniversary here to ask for a raise
  4. I was a new grad may 2013 and started my current job in family practice in a small town in August. I took the job because it was close to home and since I was a new grad I didn't really feel like I had much room to negotiate but basically I am getting paid $28/hour for 40 hours a week. No on call. I get 12 days PTO 5 days for CME and $1000 toward CME. My health insurance is very good, but I don't get offered short term disability or 401k options for 2 years. I like the practice and my supervising physicians, but with student loans well over 120k I don't think I can afford to to stay there. I would like to ask for a better benefit package before I start looking for a better job, but I'm not sure if I should wait for at least a year to do so. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
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