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  1. CJAdmission, I suggest you read up on anxiety disorders as your post was very ignorant and short sided. There is a huge difference between "I am nervous for PA school" and "I struggle with anxiety in every day life and I'm wondering how it'll intensify and can be dealt with in PA school." Many medical professionals are perfectionists with Type A personalities and subsequently suffer from anxiety disorders which they control. Some of the best doctors I know, even surgeons, have crippling panic disorders that require medication but colleagues and patients would never be able to tell because th
  2. Thank you everyone for your thoughtful and encouraging responses! Luckily I just have Generalized Anxiety Disorder and am hesitant to take any medication because I don't want to become reliant on them after PA school. I will start with HIIT classes at the gym and more meditation but definitely keep in mind a dr. appt if my past techniques don't pan out.
  3. I am starting PA school this August and starting to feel the anxiety I experienced in undergrad begin to slip back into my life. I have pretty bad GAD and handled it in college by working out, keeping busy constantly and surrounding myself with non-competitive people. However, I was definitely on the edge of taking a prescription for it and would like to continue without any drugs. So..how have you all handled your anxiety in PA school? Any different coping mechanisms than undergrad or tips to share? Thanks!
  4. I would argue that denying access to contraception is much more intolerant than the "left" who allow patients to make their own informed decisions regarding their own bodies.
  5. Thank you Chris! Agreed and happy to hear it from others in the field.
  6. I completely agree LTJ and that was my primary reason of making this thread. I would be interested to hear some challenges that people have faced going against their religious beliefs and following their medical duties. On an unrelated note, it's interesting that we will must follow an oath under Greek gods. I know it's tradition but I bet something more relevant to modern science with clear definitions of what qualifies as a fetus/human and helping/hurting patients like physician assisted suicide could be of use. I can't even begin to imagine the voting process on it though!
  7. Religion has little to do with having morals and the need to help other people. Just being agnostic doesn't mean I have some warped belief system of what's right or wrong. In fact, I have done a medical mission in Tanzania and plan to do several more but I also believe in medical missions just for that-medical care. Not trying to change their religious beliefs and to save them from alternate religions or "hell." Are you helping an underserved community to help or to put you one step closer to god? Oddly enough (or is it?), a study done a few years ago shows non-religious doctors were slightly
  8. Tonight I came across another thread how an SP, the only one in the ED, wouldn't sign off on plan B in a rape case. It frustrated me to read as well as several others so..do you think religion has a place in medicine? I am agnostic and was extremely surprised to find out how many PA classmates are actively religious. Like medical students against stem cell therapy and that are pro-life-could I trust them to become competent providers and address my needs as a patient without their views interfering? Just hoping for a discussion.
  9. Hey everyone, I was just checking on PANCE pass rates and noticed that the July 2014 statistics are available now..97% for first time takers at WesternU! So excited to be a part of this new adventure and can't wait to meet our class. http://www.westernu.edu/allied-health/allied-health-mspas/allied-health-mspas-indicators/
  10. Hello! I wore a fitted black and white dress that hit right above the knee with a black blazer, nude panty hose and pointed black pumps. It's better to be over dressed than under and it worked for me :) good luck to you both!
  11. Only about 10% of the acceptances are offered before the bulk in March, so no need to fret!
  12. Thank you, they typically send a handful of acceptances before March and the bulk in March/April. My CASPA was verified end of June and supplemental in then too. Good luck, I'm sure you did great!
  13. Just got an acceptance email from Karen! This has been my top choice for years!
  14. Can anyone tell me how long they were on campus for their interview? My interview is at 7:30am and I'm trying to decide whether to check out of my hotel before the interview or after.
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