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  1. @Gwen I have also shadowed a few PA but here in Ohio it really tough to find them for some reason. Some of the schools want like 100+ shadow hours :(
  2. Hi Gwen!!! That is awesome!! Yes it does feel good to know someone from the radiology field is trying to practice as a PA!!!! I have taken all the pre reqs except organic chemistry. I was prego last year and tried to take it while prego. I ended up withdrawing. Then I went back right after I had the baby ended up withdrawing again :( it was just way way too much :(!! My a& p are also about 7 years out so I am retaking them this year. I plan to apply thru caspa next year and hopefully start in 2015 as well!!! :)
  3. Hi I am in need of a pa or several pa to let me please shadow them!!! Anywhere in the Cincinnati Dayton northern Kentucky area. Please!!!
  4. So it is switching from every 6 years recert to every 10 years? Did u search the exam website? I'm a rad tech and they post the new requirements on the exam/ licensing website.
  5. I believe that around 2018 there will def be a job market saturation for PA. Like the above person mentioned you will prob be able find work but you might have to relocate :( I'm in the radiology field and I had to move 8 hrs away for my 1st job.
  6. Hi Jamie!! I have outdated pre reqs 2. Look at the schools you want to apply to and try and contact the program director by email ask them. Since u teach ap I think dumb to retake it!! Good luck!,
  7. @ Gwen - hi Gwen!!! I am a radiation therapist and ct tech!!! Where do you live? I live in Ohio. I c u are a rad tech and pet/ nuc med? I am glad to see someone from the radiology field!!! What do you have left to take?
  8. @ Laurac thank you for sharing your stats!!! Mine r way way below that!! Good luck with everything!!
  9. Thank you for sharing this. As a person who dropped a career to become a PA I like hearing about important stuff like this. It is important for me as I will hopefully be carrying on in the profession. I have a friend who just finished nursing anesthesia school she told me that they are now requiring students to earn a doctor of nurse anesthesia luckily for her she finished in 12/12 so she didn't have to. Anyway I don't know if a dnp will have more authority- I haven't really looked into it...... NP already have practice right a little diff than PA. I am all for a doctrine of PA after completion of the Masters degree route. I would do it immediately. I will continue to follow the aapa decision on this.
  10. @ laurac- hi I applied there too! I applied late in the cycle and never got an interview. I am applying next year so I will be 31 almost 32 at start of school. Could you please share your stats? Like GPA GRE hce????? Thank you!!!
  11. Wow!!! This is awesome of you to share this!!! It gives me hope to keep going!!! I am 30 almost 31. I decided about 5 years ago I wanted to become a PA. I was practicing as a radiation therapist and felt like something was missing. I completed my ba in the same field on a 1 yr fast track deal. Immediately I started on my remaining per reqs- mostly chemistry. Anyway I was doing well until I became pregnant and thought I could handle it and organic chemistry physics and other tough classes. I wasn't able to and I ended up with a bunch of withdraws and 1 F. It was a bad idea too late now tho. My GPA took a major hit as well as my head and heart. All I want is to be a PA. I eat sleep live PA. My plan is to return this year and try and get my GPA back up hopefully score well on the GRE and apply next year. I got wait listed at 1 school and I do hear/ read on here a lot of people get in off the wait list so I just keep praying. I have 2 children who need a parent with a decent income. My advice to you would be- do well in your pre reqs. I'm talking A and B grades. GPA is heavily heavily weighted in PA program s. Do well on the GRE. Its a long road brace yourself for applying and being denied and keep your head up!! Good luck and please share your progress!!!
  12. I have to agree with rev here. U certainly need real hands on real life in the moment hce otherwise u have no clue how to act in precarious situations. Most people on here think they r going b rich and dang near medical docs. I agree that schools r treating the profession as a $ maker for the college taking students with 3.9 GPA who will suck as a pa and deny a 3.0 GPA claiming o the higher GPA will do better on the pance that a bunch of bs. Very sad
  13. U should know that the PA profession was brought about by people who had extensive hc training and experience. In hc. I think it is insane for schools not to require prior hc training and experience. Passing classes tests etc has nothing to do with being a good pa. And when I say good I mean care about someone and there health. If someone has already mentioned this please disregard.
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