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  1. I am non-trad, so all the major core requirements since they are over the 5 year limit. I started a Master's program at Barry last year (BMS) but did not finish. I was wondering if the Anatomy could be substituted (6 hours) or if I would need to retake that along with everything else. I have gone to (Medical campus) twice in person (3 times if you count getting sent to Hialeah Campus and they had no clue but I needed) and i'll be honest it hasn't been the best overall experience with knowing who to talk to, getting referred to several people, the distance to get there etc. i guess i'm trying to minimize the amount of time that goes into the retakes, and the money (since I don't currently qualify for instate tuition). ***does anyone have any online recommendations to retake the classes that is/was accepted by the program? Thank you BTW, i will add that name to my list
  2. Hi all! Has anyone been successful speaking to the program advisor? I have to retake the required course but one of those is more recent on a grad school level. anyone have any experience with this?
  3. Hello, I know this is not relevant to your post, However, I am in the plano area, and have been seeking shadowing with a physician assistant or volunteer opportunities. Please advise if this is possible, thank you.
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