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  1. Hi CSCH, I just wanted to say all your information regarding the residency was so incredibly helpful. I'm a new grad and have my first round of interviews tomorrow so hopefully I can be in your shoes a year from now! Thanks!
  2. Hi guys! I applied for the 2016-2017 application cycle and wanted to give everyone my timeline! Good luck :) Submitted application/verified by SCUHS: 8/13/16 Interview email received: 12/15/16 Interview: 2/9/17 Acceptance call: 3/2/17
  3. Hi everyone! I will be starting PA school in the fall and our program requires us to buy an iPad (at minimum). I'm debating between the iPad and the iPad Pro but I want to be able to use this after I graduate and start working as well. So I was wondering if anyone has used one of these in the hospital and seen whether EMR (Epic etc) is compatible with an iPad? Can you see the full screen including imaging and lab results or is it only mobile compatibility? I appreciate any feedback, thanks!
  4. Just got a rejection email at 10:46 PM EST. Good luck to everyone else :)
  5. My friends that are a current PA students said the interview process was super lax! A one on one and a group interview with a tour of the school. You'll be escorted around with current PA students so you can ask them questions about the school as well! The faculty are super nice and they truly want to get to know if the student is a good fit for the class. You've made it this far bc you're good on paper so just show them your personality! Good luck to everyone ????
  6. I called admissions and they said the invites have gone out for today. If they need to send anymore, it will be during a third wave. Good luck everyone!
  7. I called admissions and she said there will be no interviews sent out today. The second wave will be sent out on Monday (June 5th). I asked her if there will be a third wave and she said it depends on how many people accept the second but for now the status is unclear on how many waves there will be.
  8. My friend that currently goes to EVMS said she found out two days after she interviewed but other people found out one week later so I think it just depends on admissions - overall seems to be a pretty quick turn around!
  9. So excited to be able to post here. I loved this thread when I was first starting out as well so if anyone has questions, DM me and I will try my best to help! Undergraduate: Georgia State University - Bachelor of Science in Psychology Graduate: Eastern Virginia Medical School - Master of Science in Contemporary Human Anatomy CASPA cGPA: 3.24 CASPA sGPA: 3.21 Postbacc GPA: 3.58 ​Prereq GPA: 3.60 Age at application time : 23 Patient Care Experience: 2500 hrs -Paid: Clinical Care Partner in a Neuro ICU 1500 hrs -Non paid: Medical Assistant in an Urgent Care 1000 hrs Health Care Experience: 3000 hrs -Front Desk Assistant and Claims Resolution Specialist in an Urgent Care 3000 hrs Shadowing: 100 hrs -Family Medicine PA 25 hrs -Neurosurgery PA 50 hrs -Cardiovascular surgery PA 25 hrs Extracurricular/Research Activities: 5000+ hours -Medical Mission Trip in Honduras -Co-founder of a non profit organization -Partnerships in Action - AKF Foundation 1st time applied: 1 school (because I had no patient care hours) 2nd time applied: 10+ schools Accepted: Southern California University of Health Sciences
  10. I agree with the post above me! Owning your faults will tell admissions committees that you can acknowledge your mistakes and learn from them. But they obviously need to see how you learned from it so whether it's from doing really well on your GREs or having a lot of HCE - it's really about compensating with another part of your application. I had a 3.21 undergrad GPA, 2500 hours as a medical assistant in an urgent care/tech in a neuro ICU, 3000 hours just working in the healthcare field (these didn't count for hands on patient care), 100 hours shadowing PAs (cardiovascular surgery, neurosurgery, family medicine), medical mission trip in Honduras and 5000+ hours in community service. The first time I applied, I only applied to one school because I was still obtaining all my hours. The school I applied to required no hours and had a minimum GPA of 3.0 to apply. I didn't get an interview because I didn't have a 3.5 so sometimes schools have strict cut offs that they don't tell you about on their website lol so that sucked. This time around, I applied to 10+ schools with a more completed application. I also enrolled in a masters program in contemporary human anatomy at EVMS to show an overall upward tread GPA wise (some schools will look at either your undergrad, prerequisite, or graduate GPA). I'll be finishing this program this May but my GPA has been consistent at a 3.63 so PA schools like to see that you can take graduate level classes and do well in them. Also, the nature of this program is to help us do whatever we want in the future so I'm taking classes with PA students (the school has a PA program as well), I've taken gross anatomy and some other classes like pathophys that PA students normally take. I recently got accepted into a PA program so don't give up hope, I promise it will pay off! For me, I think the graduate program helped so just find what works for you and you will get in :) Hope this helps!
  11. Congratulations to those who have gotten the acceptance call! Just wanted to post this link again as a friendly reminder to join the Facebook group! If you can't access it through the link, just search for SCUHS PA Class of 2019. It's a closed group so I will add you as soon as I get a chance! https://www.facebook...75307189640194/ Good luck to everyone else!
  12. Of course, no problem - I'm happy to help! I was just in your shoes two years ago so if you have any questions, don't hesitate to DM me. I'll try my best to answer any questions. Oh, your major is perfect haha. Double majoring with neuro is tough so that is great. I was a psych major and my GPA was not the best so I did a post-bac program to increase my chances of getting in. But you're in a much better place than me so GPA wise, you have nothing to worry about! So the first time I applied to PA schools, I didn't have any experience so I just applied to one program - MCPHS University in Boston but I didn't get an interview because of my GPA. However, you definitely would have a shot since you have a high GPA. The second time/this past cycle I applied to 10+ programs with experience so I didn't look too much at schools that didn't required it but I found this website. I'm not sure how accurate it is but maybe this gives you a place to start. http://www.thepalife.com/no-experience-required-84-pa-schools-that-dont-require-healthcare-experience/
  13. Hi! You have made a great decision to make the change! Your GPA is great but your prerequisite/science GPA sometimes will play a factor as well so if your major was accounting then your GPA is reflective of that - not how well you will do in a science based graduate program (if that makes sense). So I think it's great that you're taking the Anatomy and Micro because that will give them a sense of how you do in those courses. Yes, there are programs that don't require HCE but there are still people applying to those schools with HCE so either your personal statement/GRE has to be amazing to compensate for no HCE or vice versa. So I would still say yes, apply (and apply early) but just keep that part in mind. Another thing is that schools will see you had a career change and they will wonder why so shadowing a PA and having HCE will make them more inclined to believe why you chose this profession - because you saw it first hand. So even though not all schools require shadowing, it is still amazing to have. PA programs always look at applications on a holistic base so they will make sure to see all aspects of it but some programs have a preliminary sweep of applications where its a numbers game so they want to know you meet the minimum GPA requirement. So if I were you, I would work really hard in Anatomy and Micro to get an A, shadow a PA, try to get some HCE, GRE (if you have to take it), have a killer personal statement (make sure a lot of people read it and give you feedback like professors, friends, possibly the PA you shadow), and apply early. Also, I know getting HCE is difficult with no prior experience but I started off working in an urgent care as a front desk assistant (just checking patients in/insurance) then I explained to my office manager that I need hands on patient care hours to apply to PA school and she trained me on the job to work as a medical assistant (I was volunteering my time on weekends for a year) so I sacrificed a lot for it but some programs accept unpaid HCE. From there, I got a job in an ICU working as a tech so it is possible to get the hours even if you don't have prior experience or an EMT license or something. I personally would not say wait because even applying one time around will give you the experience with CASPA and getting feedback from programs if you don't get in and what if you DO get in? There's always a possibility. Obviously, these applications are expensive so if money is a concern then I would say just make a pro/con list but other then that, this is an investment for your future so just stay positive! Hope this helps and good luck!
  14. I believe they are still getting the entire cohort seated. Maybe you could contact the admissions advisor Maria Calderon at MariaCalderon@scuhs.edu She's been super helpful!
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