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  1. Interviews are over! Good luck to everyone. Anyone happen to know how many spots are left? I blanked and forgot to ask at the interview today. Anyways, to any interested parties, I'm headed over (Friday, 6 pm) to Blue 5 on Kirk & 2nd having a late lunch (dunch? linner?) and probably one of their 100+ beers. Come join me at the bar if you're still in town! Supposed to be live music there later.
  2. Oh strange I didn't get a notification that u responded. Congrats, and good luck today!!
  3. Anyone interviewees (and students) interested in meeting up beforehand (and/or celebrate afterwards)? It would be great to ease into the interview weekend and find a familiar face. I'll actually be in Mobile from Wed evening through Sun afternoon (1/14–18) so a lot of options there. Let me know if you're interested!
  4. Anyone else interviewing on January 12th or 13th? It would be great to grab lunch or dinner and find a familiar face come interview day. Let me know!
  5. Hi paadmissions, First off, thanks so much for offering your time and experience to us inquiring (and stressed) pre-PAs. I'm a 31 year old career-changer, aiming to be a surgical PA, and hoping to apply 2014. I'm nearing the end of a post-bac for my pre-reqs, and I have a couple questions regarding courses. Many programs require Stats, and I took Elementary Statistics (3 sem. units) at a community college, earning a B; the problem is that that was wayyy back in 2002. I have the opportunity of taking Statistical Methods in Biology (4 qtr. units) this Fall, through my program at a California State University. I've heard that retaking courses with B or greater is frowned upon, but should I take this course given the added relevancy of its focus on biology, it being at a university, and that the elementary course would be 12 years old by the time I apply? I just finished 3 quarters of Intro Physics (displaying math aptitude), but don't remember anything from stats. Would my time be better used taking additional science courses (see next question) or gaining more healthcare experience? In a month, I'll have completed the intro series for Bio, Chem, and Physics, as well as 10 quarter units of Anatomy & Physiology. I'll definitely be taking Microbiology, and planning to work as much as I can as an EMT starting this Fall (taking classes now). How many more science courses should I take? And which courses would you recommend? Some courses I have available are Genetics, Immunology, Epidemiology, Medical Physiology, Neurobio, Biomedical Parasitology, and Molecular Cell Biology. I've decided against Organic Chem since it's my weaker subject and not required for many PA programs. Thanks so much for your help!
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