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  1. Not sure about that. Best thing to do is to call and ask. I am starting this program this July!
  2. I am only a PA student, but I am planning on coming back to Texas when I am done. Someone posted this website on another topic. Hope this helps. http://www.tmb.state.tx.us/page/licensing-physician-assistants
  3. I had an accelerated nursing program as my back-up plan, luckily I heard from a PA program and am now class of 2017. When my interviewers asked what I would do if I didn't get into PA school this time around, I told them about the nursing program. It couldn't have bothered them too much considering I will be starting school in July. Good luck on PA school!
  4. Anyone know the college code to send my transcripts to? I emailed Michael, but I was hoping someone on here would know as well. Thanks!
  5. How long did it take everybody to receive their acceptance letter in the mail? It'll be a week tomorrow for me. Just curious. I know the email stated that if it takes longer then a week to call them, so I guess I'll see tomorrow.
  6. Just received my acceptance email after being on the wait-list! Whoever decided to change programs, I thank you! I cannot wait to meet everybody!
  7. Any news about people receiving acceptances? I know Midwestern just sent out their acceptances early this week, so I was wondering if anyone switched programs or heard back from this one.
  8. Anyone get accepted to ATSU and is going to give up their spot for a place in this PA program?
  9. Thanks Timon! Also if anyone was wondering, I talked to Michael Wilson about the waitlist and he said there is about 25 people on it. He also said there isn't a ranking system. Everytime a spot opens up, the committee gets together and reviews again to determine the student they will be accepting.
  10. I just received an email from Touro and I am on their waitlist for now. Good luck to everyone and maybe I'll get accepted eventually. For now, looks like I'll be starting an accelerated BSN program in May until I hear back from the program.
  11. Anyone hear of any kind of movement lately from the pending acceptance list, or from the wait list? Any information would be fantastic! Thanks!
  12. I am guessing not many people use this forum that applied to UTPA, becuase no one has said anything about the interviews or even mentioning that they heard anything... If someone could shed some light on their experience, that would be great!
  13. Were your friends on the "pending open seat list" or the "wait-list"?
  14. I never received an email from the school. Was that only for people on the pending acceptance list or who had already been accepted? I am on the waitlist and it would be really unfortunate if they kept the class size at 50 instead of 70. I am confused...
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