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  1. I am looking to buy a partial Hippo subscription. I am taking the PANCE at the end of May so preferably a subscription ending around this time. Thanks!
  2. I got into an in-state program a 25 minute drive from my parents house. Fortunately, tuition and fees for the 24 months will only be about $36,000 altogether (a steal compared to the private programs I got into) My choices are: (1) Pay 500-700 per month for an apt near the school (2) Live with my parents and commute 25 min each way, paying about 80/mo for parking near the school OR parking free if I'm willing to then walk 20 minutes I have no savings and will be taking out loans for every penny of my expenses What would you do? Will I be missing out on a lot if I don't ro
  3. I am starting PA school in June. I would like to get an outline of the world map tattooed on my feet, been wanting this for a while. See link: http://media.askideas.com/26/Black-Outline-World-Map-Tattoo-On-Girl-Feet.jpg Explanation: Travel is my greatest passion in life. I've visited 5 continents (all but Australia and Antarctica) and 21 countries. Once I start PA school, and while working as a PA, I'll basically have to give up traveling the way I'm accustomed to doing it. So I wanted to commemorate it somehow. This tattoo would be visible when wearing fl
  4. I'm really surprised at how unprofessional it's been! But I guess you don't have to worry about being professional when you have thousands of applications for 70-80 spots in your program. Congrats on your acceptance!
  5. Same, I was verified June 2. First status update over 7 months later!? Not impressed. Fortunately it doesn't matter at this point. Good luck to you if you get to interview!
  6. Finally received a follow-up email saying I have been waitlisted for an interview! Too late don't care
  7. I think someone asked about this earlier. I emailed Erin McCarthy on Wednesday and she told me this year they are interviewing 125 candidates for 52 spots. I didn't ask how many of the spots were allotted to each track though.
  8. Help! I am trying to online submit my deposit but it requires our student ID number listed at the bottom of the 'acceptance letter', which I assumed was one of the documents they sent us. But I can't find my student ID number on either one of them!!! Does anyone who's put down their deposit know where to find the student ID# !?!? Kind of saved this until the last minute......but if possible I'd like to figure this out today rather than waiting until Monday
  9. I got accepted too!!! Did anyone else from the 11/6 1pm-5pm interview get in??
  10. Would anyone who has paid for PA school on an Air Force scholarship be able to talk a bit about their experience with that? I have only been accepted at one school so far, which will leave me graduating with about ~160K of debt. If this ends up being the only school I'm accepted to I'm still going to attend. I know it isn't smart to get into this much debt on a PA salary, but I don't want to wait around another year and go through another application cycle. Specific Questions: How long before starting PA school must one start the application process for this scholarship? Does t
  11. I'm just curious if anyone knows the overall acceptance rate for PA school. Specifically: # of applicants who get at least one acceptance / # of applicants who apply to at least one PA school. I tried but couldn't find this info on the PAEA website. I know I've read that for medical school the rate is around 40%. Just curious how PA school compares.
  12. I got accepted too!!!!!! I am going to take myself and everyone I know out for breakfast!!!!!!!
  13. Last year, as I remember, it was somewhere between 100 and 120 candidates invited to interview.
  14. Yea, last year I received my interview invite via email the afternoon of December 15
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