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  1. I am looking to buy a partial Hippo subscription. I am taking the PANCE at the end of May so preferably a subscription ending around this time. Thanks!
  2. I got into an in-state program a 25 minute drive from my parents house. Fortunately, tuition and fees for the 24 months will only be about $36,000 altogether (a steal compared to the private programs I got into) My choices are: (1) Pay 500-700 per month for an apt near the school (2) Live with my parents and commute 25 min each way, paying about 80/mo for parking near the school OR parking free if I'm willing to then walk 20 minutes I have no savings and will be taking out loans for every penny of my expenses What would you do? Will I be missing out on a lot if I don't room with classmates?
  3. I am starting PA school in June. I would like to get an outline of the world map tattooed on my feet, been wanting this for a while. See link: http://media.askideas.com/26/Black-Outline-World-Map-Tattoo-On-Girl-Feet.jpg Explanation: Travel is my greatest passion in life. I've visited 5 continents (all but Australia and Antarctica) and 21 countries. Once I start PA school, and while working as a PA, I'll basically have to give up traveling the way I'm accustomed to doing it. So I wanted to commemorate it somehow. This tattoo would be visible when wearing flats or heels. Obviously I wouldn't be wearing open shoes in a hospital, but I plan to work in a clinic setting. In your opinion, will having this tattoo cause patients to lose respect for me as a provider?
  4. I'm really surprised at how unprofessional it's been! But I guess you don't have to worry about being professional when you have thousands of applications for 70-80 spots in your program. Congrats on your acceptance!
  5. Same, I was verified June 2. First status update over 7 months later!? Not impressed. Fortunately it doesn't matter at this point. Good luck to you if you get to interview!
  6. Finally received a follow-up email saying I have been waitlisted for an interview! Too late don't care
  7. I think someone asked about this earlier. I emailed Erin McCarthy on Wednesday and she told me this year they are interviewing 125 candidates for 52 spots. I didn't ask how many of the spots were allotted to each track though.
  8. Help! I am trying to online submit my deposit but it requires our student ID number listed at the bottom of the 'acceptance letter', which I assumed was one of the documents they sent us. But I can't find my student ID number on either one of them!!! Does anyone who's put down their deposit know where to find the student ID# !?!? Kind of saved this until the last minute......but if possible I'd like to figure this out today rather than waiting until Monday
  9. I got accepted too!!! Did anyone else from the 11/6 1pm-5pm interview get in??
  10. Would anyone who has paid for PA school on an Air Force scholarship be able to talk a bit about their experience with that? I have only been accepted at one school so far, which will leave me graduating with about ~160K of debt. If this ends up being the only school I'm accepted to I'm still going to attend. I know it isn't smart to get into this much debt on a PA salary, but I don't want to wait around another year and go through another application cycle. Specific Questions: How long before starting PA school must one start the application process for this scholarship? Does the 3 year service commitment start immediately upon me passing the PANCE or must I do some kind of boot camp/training beforehand that won't count towards the 3 years? Do I have any control over where I am stationed? At all? Do they cover any school with an accredited masters PA program? How competitive is it to get this scholarship? I'd appreciate any information you can offer! If anyone as taken a different military scholarship to pay for PA school (navy, army, etc) I'd be interested in hearing about that too!
  11. I'm just curious if anyone knows the overall acceptance rate for PA school. Specifically: # of applicants who get at least one acceptance / # of applicants who apply to at least one PA school. I tried but couldn't find this info on the PAEA website. I know I've read that for medical school the rate is around 40%. Just curious how PA school compares.
  12. I got accepted too!!!!!! I am going to take myself and everyone I know out for breakfast!!!!!!!
  13. Last year, as I remember, it was somewhere between 100 and 120 candidates invited to interview.
  14. Yea, last year I received my interview invite via email the afternoon of December 15
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