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  1. I am looking to buy a partial Hippo subscription. I am taking the PANCE at the end of May so preferably a subscription ending around this time. Thanks!
  2. I got into an in-state program a 25 minute drive from my parents house. Fortunately, tuition and fees for the 24 months will only be about $36,000 altogether (a steal compared to the private programs I got into) My choices are: (1) Pay 500-700 per month for an apt near the school (2) Live with my parents and commute 25 min each way, paying about 80/mo for parking near the school OR parking free if I'm willing to then walk 20 minutes I have no savings and will be taking out loans for every penny of my expenses What would you do? Will I be missing out on a lot if I don't room with classmates?
  3. I think someone asked about this earlier. I emailed Erin McCarthy on Wednesday and she told me this year they are interviewing 125 candidates for 52 spots. I didn't ask how many of the spots were allotted to each track though.
  4. Help! I am trying to online submit my deposit but it requires our student ID number listed at the bottom of the 'acceptance letter', which I assumed was one of the documents they sent us. But I can't find my student ID number on either one of them!!! Does anyone who's put down their deposit know where to find the student ID# !?!? Kind of saved this until the last minute......but if possible I'd like to figure this out today rather than waiting until Monday
  5. I got accepted too!!! Did anyone else from the 11/6 1pm-5pm interview get in??
  6. Last year, as I remember, it was somewhere between 100 and 120 candidates invited to interview.
  7. Yea, last year I received my interview invite via email the afternoon of December 15
  8. I interviewed for Madison this year but was put on the alternate list and denied when the class filled. Anxious to give it another try!
  9. Hi, I'd like your opinion on how competitive I am for this cycle. My stats: cGPA 3.7 sGPA 3.8 1,172 hours HCE (368 nursing home CNA, 152 medical volunteer in Peru, 652 hospital float CNA) I've also done a lot of volunteering in the community The issue is my letters of rec. I haven't shadowed with any PAs or MDs more than twice each so none know me well enough to write a letter ; At the hospital I float to a different unit every night so no single person has seen me work enough to write me a letter ; my nursing supervisor at the nursing home probably wouldn't remember me because it was several years ago I worked there and I was very part time. As a result, I have a letter from my ochem professor, a letter from my microbiology professor, and a letter from an RN I volunteered with down in Peru. I'm really afraid my unimpressive letters of rec will make it impossible for me to get accepted. What do you think?
  10. By the time I apply to schools in April 2015 I will have about 1,800 hours of HCE, 300 of these being unpaid volunteer clinic hours split between Peru and Tanzania. My overall GPA is a 3.7 and my science a 3.8. Do I have enough HCE hours to be competitive?
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