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  1. No offense taken. The running joke at work is that if any of us should keel over from an MI/PE/CVA/etc that we request to be taken to our competitor's facility. In terms of what I end up doing - say a short prayer while I'm running to the code and start calling attendings from other units to come and assist if it's out of hand. Nights are even worse. I split 68 ICU beds with the attending. When two codes occur simultaneously, it's a disaster.
  2. I'm a relatively recent PA grad who is almost a year into my first position as a CC PA at a large tertiary care facility. In a perfect world, I would like to stay for at least two years to further refine my skills, expand my knowledge base, and show some maturity/stability to future employers. In my current position, I make more than the national average for new grads, have full benefits including 401k with match, malpractice with tail, ample CME/licensing, and find that my SPs are fantastic people and educators - this is what sold me on the position and makes it so attractive. Since being her
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