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  1. No, but in one of the emails, it seemed like they were going to help us start one and give out a contact list with everyone's email. Did anyone else get that impression ?
  2. Hey, wondering who has been accepted to start in Fall of 2015. It would be cool to start a forum where we could talk about LIU or PA school in general. If anyone has ideas about housing or wants to share where they are looking that would be nice, since I am moving from out of state. We could start a Facebook group too if w everyone is interested. Looking forward to starting in the fall as meeting all of you.
  3. Got my acceptance letter today and putting down a deposit soon. Did anyone start a Facebook group or anything yet ?
  4. I am wait listed too, from the first round of interviews. I thought that each interview round had two weeks to put a deposit down, otherwise they give up their spot more or less. If that is the case then two weeks for the last interview round should be just about up. How do you know that they gave out 24 invites? Does that mean that all 15 people that they heard from accepted a seat?
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