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  1. Do you know of anyone who obtained a license (or even got rejected for licensure) with a misdemeanor?
  2. I'm just looking to see if there are any practicing PAs with a criminal background here and if you would be willing to tell me about how that has affected you.
  3. I start my PA program in January. I recently received the financial aid award letter for the 2016 year and I was awarded 20,500, 10k per semester. Being that the tuition alone is 10k, how are you guys affording PA school? I see a lot of comments saying you rely solely on federal financial aid, but with 20,500 being the yearly cap on the unsubsidized loans I don't understand how this could be possible.
  4. What is your name? Sorry your profile name isn't ringing any bells lol
  5. Thanks! Congratulations to you as well. Were you at the 31st interview? And will you be accepting?
  6. Thank you! Have you heard anything yet? @krissywike
  7. Thank you! I interviewed March 31st. I was very surprised to hear back so quickly.
  8. I would like to ask my references to send me a copy of their LOR's, but I'm afraid it is not proper etiquette. Is this a permissible thing to do?
  9. I have not completed my application. I'm applying to several schools, most of which have a deadline of November 1st. I'm trying to get an idea of how badly I've hurt my chances. Any thoughts or anyone else in the same boat?
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