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  1. The program traditionally doesn't, but the class above you will typically set up a joint facebook group with your class to answer questions before the year starts. I don't have a lot of knowledge on apartment/house pricing because I've just been in the same place for 6 years, but can answer general questions about commute times and different areas if you want to shoot me a message.
  2. I also wasn't a huge fan of the interview style compared to other experiences I had. If you get in, it's kind of nice to know everyone in your class went through the exact same thing and you were all together that day, but that's only a small point in hindsight. On the clinicals front, my class has only had one or two out of state sites this year, and we only come back to campus twice every 5 weeks (3rd and 5th Friday of the rotation.) The last two years have been about 120 students, prior to that it was approximately 100.
  3. Was nice meeting a bunch of you today--good luck!
  4. The previous full time director stepped down to return to full time clinical practice about two years ago. An interim director stepped in to run the program for the past year (a former director who'd transitioned her academic career over to UMB,) until they settled on a replacement. Our current director, who'd previously taught at AACC's program and started a new PA program in Florida, moved back to Maryland and took over as the director last April. The program is in very good hands.
  5. I got an email saying I got an interview on 10/16 in 2015 (after an email as late as 10/2 for the supplemental,) and 10/7 in 2016. I know the wait is frustrating, but you guys have time. Good luck!
  6. With a new director, the process could change but they have not done rolling admissions for previous cycles. Early applications tend to get the supplemental fairly quickly, others might have a longer wait. Either way, they take a look at all of the applications after the deadline to determine who gets invited for an interview (all of which happen on one Friday in early November.)
  7. First off-- belated congrats to those accepted! To those who didn't, best of luck pushing forward. I had to try multiple times too. On the Facebook front, we made one for our own class in late March to coordinate stuff before school started. The class above us had made a joint group with us beforehand to answer questions, and I'm sure that'll happen again after there's a confirmed roster for your class following acceptances and wait list stuff getting sorted out. I can try to field questions, but I probably won't be too responsive 'til I'm on the other side of finals.
  8. A friend said he got a rejection letter the same day the invites went out.
  9. Last year, the emails for interviews went out on 10/7 and the year before that was 10/16, so I'm assuming you should all be hear back from them either at the end of this week, or next week. I know the waiting is frustrating, but at least you're almost there!
  10. My class has been using Quizlet a lot. Sometimes we've found existing flashcard banks for our textbooks, or different members of our class will type some up based on lectures, which has been very helpful for review.
  11. For the past 2 years (probably longer, but that's my personal experience,) there has been only one interview day, for about 100 applicants. Both years, it has been the second Friday in November.
  12. Hey--for what it's worth, the first time I applied, I got the supplemental email about a month after they'd confirmed receiving my application. The second time was closer to two months (I was freaking out for most of that second month, thinking I'd gotten passed over.) Try not to let it stress you out too much!
  13. For what it's worth, I didn't get an email or phone call after my interview (11/2) but got a letter on the 17th.
  14. ogej--Most my my interview group were done by noon, then we had lunch with several students from 12-1. Two of us had our interview with a member of admissions after lunch, so I was done around 1:30. pa17--I spoke with a few students who'd mentioned that they knew one or two people who interviewed in February last year and still made it in. I don't know when they applied and were able to schedule their interview, though. Just got my acceptance letter today! Interviewed on 11/2. Best of luck, everyone.
  15. Pathologist Assistant might be worth looking into. I have a coworker applying to several programs at the moment. Less demand than PAs due to more limited vacancies, but it's stable work and is basically the lab equivalent of a PA.
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