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  1. I got the call and was accepted to EMU but will be declining my seat for another program. Best of luck to everyone else, hopefully one more of you will hear good news because of it!
  2. I was accepted to the Grand Rapids campus but will be declining my seat. Best of luck to everyone else, hopefully one more of you will hear good news because of it!
  3. Pheonix92, not to take any credence from your theory but I think its unlikely that last names play a role in acceptance. Looking at the people in the fb group that were accepted, we all have last names spanning the whole alphabet. I hope this helps and hope that you hear something soon!
  4. secretname1, if its any consolation that page isn't updated. I was accepted via email and confirmed my seat and it still says admissions decision pending.
  5. If you were accepted to WSU PAS and are accepting your seat, PM me your name as it appears on Facebook and I can make a group.
  6. I was in the first interview group but personally know someone from the second interview that heard today. Don't forget guys that not everybody accepts their seat and there's still plenty of hope. I have already accepted my seat and can't wait to meet my future classmates for this whole new chapter in my life.
  7. I HAVE WAITED SO LONG TO POST THIS! I'M GOING TO BE A PA 1st time applicant Undergrad Ed School: Michigan Technological University (GO HUSKIES) Cumulative Undergrad. GPA: 3.9 Science Undergrad. GPA: 3.9 Age at application time : 21 1st GRE: 158V 162Q 4.5W Direct Patient Care : (type & hours): Hospital Oncology and Hospice CNA ~ 2 years Midnight Shift Extracurricular/Research Activities: Lots of undergraduate involvement, ~5 student orgs, Hospice Volunteering, Quilting for Chemo patients Shadowing: ~60 hours in Radiology, Family Practice, and Diabetes management Schools Applied: Wayne State University, Eastern Michigan, Grand Valley, Western Michigan, Duke Application Submitted Date: May 27th Interview Invites: Wayne State, Eastern Michigan, Grand Valley, Western Michigan Denied: (haven't heard from Duke yet?) Withdrew Application: Western Waitlisted: Accepted: Wayne State, EMU, GVSU Attending: Wayne State University I have read so many of these and couldn't wait for the day I could post my own. Thanks to everyone on the forum these past two years that inspired me and motivated me. It was all worth it. Good luck to everyone on their journeys! :)
  8. I'm in!!! ACCEPTED AT LAST <3 We should make a facebook group for everyone who is accepting!
  9. Oh hals2324 i hope you're right, that's been in the back of my mind too! So nervous and hopeful and terrified!
  10. I compulsively check my email all day, everyday. hooray for interview season!
  11. How'd the interviews go? I'm sure you all did great!
  12. I'll be coming in town late that night :( but thank you for the invitation.
  13. I just received an invitation to interview on November 21st.
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