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  1. Thanks! That puts things a little bit more in perspective for me :) the problem with your last suggestion is that my girlfriend is Spanish, she can't help me with that lol How willing are employers to initiate H1B visa employment opportunities? There is a yearly cap on those too in the US! Do you know anyone who has done that? I am scared to get to that point and get stuck with all the private loans I already took out! I am doing post-undergrad OPT right now so I know all about that :) Thanks again I really appreciate your response! Nidal (a guy ;) ) I am from the Gaza Strip, Palestine!!
  2. Hey guys, I am starting PA school this May at RFUMS in North Chicago, and I am already anxious about finding a job once I graduate, taking into account that I am not a US Citizen or permanent resident. I am assuming I will have to use my OPT chance first then switch to a H1-B visa!! :sadface: If anyone has any insight to calm my nerves a bit or simply share their experience if they have been in anything like this, please let me know :) Thanks in advance! Nidal
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