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  1. Hi ! I'm anxiously waiting too ! After I sent my deposit, I got a confirmation e-mail which stated that in the early fall an email would be sent notifying us when the page containing all the new student info (books, orientation schedule ect ) is available. There will also be a Facebook group set up around the same time which we can use to get to know fellow students in our class. The school will also let us know via email when the Facebook page is available for us to join.
  2. I noticed the same thing on their website, however I see it says administrative probation, which may be somewhat " better" than academic probation. Just a thought. I plan to inquire about this during my interview as well.
  3. I'll be interviewing on June 17th as well! I wonder if there has been any interview sessions scheduled prior to June 17th?
  4. I haven't heard anything about upcoming interviews yet- still waiting. I received a similar email as you.
  5. Interviewed on October 19th. I received an email
  6. Just got placed on the wait list.
  7. I interviewed on October 19th. Still waiting to hear back !
  8. I have called a few times as well, still waiting to hear for an interview invite, and they told me the same information also.
  9. I interviewed on 10/27 as well. Still haven't heard anything.
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