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  1. Hey everyone, I'm a first year PA student at Jefferson. I just wanted to wish you all good luck. Relax and just be yourselves at the interviews. You'll do great! <3
  2. Got my acceptance email on 11/20. So excited!!!!!!! Definitely attending. Anyone else?
  3. We should definitely do that. I'll private message you, :)
  4. I got an interview for the 14th as well. I understand there will be a private interview and a group interview. Hmm... I wonder how the latter will unfold. :) Good luck all!
  5. Thanks everyone! Good luck with your interviews! There were about 10 people in total for the PA program. They also interviewed OT and PT people, so when I walked in to find about 25 people, I was taken aback. No worries, though. It was a lot of fun and very informative. What do you guys think about the accreditation issue?
  6. I don't know how many spots are still open, but I know they're only taking 35 students this cohort. They want room to grow. Good luck to you too!!!
  7. Will you put down a deposit or waiting on more interviews? They told us today about the 2 deposits we'd need to put down in order to reserve a spot. They really want us to be sure. :)
  8. The interviews were very relaxed! The presentation and the tour were very helpful in getting to know the school and what they're about. I really enjoyed it. Everyone was incredibly nice. As for accreditation... It's a brand new program and I have no doubt they'll get it with flying colors. Are you worried about it, Henna_Zehra?
  9. Of course! I'll post my thoughts right after. The interview is actually today, btw, the 26th... 4 hrs away! ^_^
  10. My interview is September 27! Can't wait! Driving from Charleston, SC.
  11. You can use the facebook page, but there's only 2 people on it as of yet.
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