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  1. I was recently offered a spot in a PA program, but I have two interviews at schools that I'm very interested in. Should I still put my deposit in at the first school I got accepted to anyways? Could this hurt my chances of being accepted to my first choice school if they know that I already have a seat in another program?
  2. I am both an EMT and a CNA. I've personally found my EMT experience to be undeniably more beneficial than my CNA experience. As a CNA, you do basic tasks such as bathing and feeding patients. But as an EMT, you can bandage, splint, perform CPR, backboard, set up EKGs, etc.
  3. Seriously? This is a question you need to answer yourself.
  4. I just graduated from SU so I can definitely help! Definitely check out Crouse's Senior Centered Care Volunteer program. I did some of my hours there and got some okay experience. But for even better experience, you should get your EMT-B or CNA and see if you can get a job with Rural Metro or even a job in Upstate/Crouse.
  5. So applying in June/July is considered early? One of the schools I'm applying to says they review applications as they're submitted and they fill their class early...I'm afraid if I don't submit in May, I'll be locked out of the program.
  6. I'm graduating from undergrad in May and I'll be applying to schools as soon as possible. I'll have only about 750 hours of health care experience as an EMT (and about 100 hours shadowing) at the time of my application, but for the next year after graduation I'll be working as a patient care tech. Is there any particular spot on CASPA that I can mention the fact that I'll be working as a pct for the next year? Should I just include it in my narrative?
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