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  1. South utilizes their waitlist. When I was interviewing there were students who were pulled from the waitlist in the class. I wouldn't discount anything just because you think a class is full, especially at early start schools like South....Just saying.
  2. Just gave my seat up as I was accepted to another program. I hope this helps one of you out!
  3. As it works out I got a call monday from a different program offering me a seat to start this upcoming Monday 8/1 so I will be taking your advice and not attending either program!
  4. so CRAZY and totally inappropriate! Luckily I will not be attending either program I got a call Monday form a program I really loved offering me a spot !
  5. Thank you so much! this was completely unexpected. I was prepared to start in January at another program and then I got the call this morning! Good luck to you all!
  6. I paid the deposits at both because the first one I went to was my first interview (at the beginning of June) at that point I had to pay the deposit when I was accepted because I didn't know if I would get in anywhere else. I don't think anyone would take that gamble at this point with how competitive things are. The second program I felt more "at home" with and it is much more established (I forgot to mention 1st program I would be in the inaugural class). The problem is first program is closer to home second program is in another state but I liked it more. I would not have an issue with the institution wanting to know right now if they did not emphasize that they are all different schools under the "umbrella" of a school name. Each is accredited separately, has different staff, different course schedules, and makes you pay your fees separately. I would think that if that is the case, they should not be sharing information just because they can. Clearly I am wrong because they are... lol. I haven't made my mind up fully and I feel that if they cashed my 1000 deposit and then emailed me the next day to see where I am going that I should at the very least have a little bit of time and privacy to decide. Thanks so much for the response! I definitely see where you're coming from! This is a HUGE decision and one that I do not want to choose wisely.
  7. I guess I just misunderstood because this institution made it well known that each campus (all in different states) are not affiliated whatsoever. When specifically told us that they are each their own program accredited separately, none of the same staff, the courses are different, and they don't even start on the same day, I assumed that meant each was treated as it's own school (I guess thats what I get for assuming). I know some programs such as Barry University has multiple campuses but they all share the exact same lectures. This school is not that way at all. Thanks for giving me some insight!
  8. I have recently been accepted to a school with multiple campuses. Each is accredited separately. I have now received an email that I think is ethically wrong and just wanted some insight on what I should do. A about a week ago I got an email from admissions at a school I was accepted to stating that they were aware I was accepted to another campus and they wanted to know which one I was going to before continuing to process my paper work (even though they have already taken my deposit). Let me just preface this by saying one of the campuses was the first interview/acceptance I had so I paid the deposit (obviously) and did not have any other interviews scheduled until a month later. The first school is closer to home (only about a 2 hour drive) and the second is in a different state. So I have a lot to consider. Now that I have been accepted to the second school it is still only July and I have other interviews scheduled. I feel that it is unacceptable/unprofessional to ask me about other acceptances and tell me I have to choose when I am still interviewing. I was under the impression that schools were not supposed to communicate about those matters. Am I wrong? What would you do in my situation? Not respond to the email at all? Or respond honestly saying I am still interviewing? Thanks in advance!
  9. did you google the PA school number? They have staff 9-5 there I talked to someone 2 days ago
  10. so glad to see you again! well have to keep in touch!
  11. None taken. There was no group interview during my dates, only individual. I know they did them last cycle so Im not sure if they will for your interview or not. I hope that helps a little!
  12. I dont think anyone is going to tell you the questions asked. Not only is it not fair to other interviewers, but its also unfair to those of us who went into the process blinded (like you're supposed to). Integrity is a huge part of this process . Telling youspecific questions is not not only unacceptable on your part, but would be completely unacceptable on our (the people who have already interviewed) part. Not to mention the fact that schoools know this forum exists Ask anyone and they will tell you overpreparing is one of the worst things you can do.
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