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  1. Wow!! Just came off the waitlist from the August 30th interview. So excited and grateful!!!
  2. I emailed Ms. Shaw and she said all decisions for the 8/30/17 interviewers will be made within the next two weeks.
  3. Not yet Vakas. I'm thinking we might get the call today or tomorrow...
  4. I looked on linked-in and reached out to PAs that went to schools I was considering applying to and got a hit. It's tough when you don't know anyone in the profession but possible.
  5. Current PTA here. So the classes that I took that transferred for my BS degree were A&P, microbiology and gen chem and of course your basic courses such as english, psych and math. The only issue you may run into is the dates on those classes expiring depending on when you apply to PA school.I work in SNF rehab and have good exposure to the physiatry (PM&R) PAs but you may still need to shadow to get your hours if needed. If your PTA program is like the one I attended once your in it you may not have time for extra classes since you are in class from approximiate 8:30-5 and maybe longer days during clinicals. I graduate in 2012 with my PT A degree and finished my BS in 2015 if you need an estimate of my timeline.
  6. Hello All, I'm putting the finishing touches on my application and was wondering if anyone knows if we are supposed to upload our DD214? I haven't come across anything saying to do so but thought it may be a good idea since I mention in in my PS.
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