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  1. This was my first PA school interview. I initially thought I loved it there, but after interviewing at 2 other schools I know it was not a good fit for me at all. It is all personal preference. I do not think the school is "bad" but I know for myself I will be happier at a different school. I know the students coming out of there are all just as qualified as any other school (We all have to pass the same boards!). I eventually want to live small town, like mt. union but I think I would get better experience in a city or location with more hospitals (example:columbus, pittsburgh, toledo, etc...). Mt. Union is the cheapest program I have seen. Significantly cheaper so people will come out with less debt. I did not fall in love with the staff, which is very different from the other schools I interviewed at. I felt like there was a wall up at Mt. Union where they were strictly in interview mode versus giving me any feel of their personalities. Congrats to those who got accepted and go there! It is an accomplishment!
  2. I got the call. Did not receive the e-mail. Very excited!
  3. I interviewed in November and got my acceptance quickly after. I was very impressed with the school, faculty and the current students I met. Anyone else going? I made a facebook group. Let me know!
  4. I just accepted to attend Ohio Dominican. I interviewed at Mt. Union also. Anyone else out there planning on going to either?
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