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  1. PAK12345

    NHSC 2014

    hi @woodsters Yes, I am aware that sometimes MD/DO/NPs are awarded at different times, sometimes earlier. I also DID get my information from THIS forum for PA students. If you look at the PA STUDENT GENERAL DISCUSSION section it has a NHSC 2013 thread and a couple of people received finalist emails on July 23rd last year. They then accepted the award and received the final notification of being a recipient on August 30th. A girl in the class above me received the award last year and was notified as a finalist in July too. I'm not writing on this thread to give false information but only to stay updated and to share how I feel about the NHSC scholarship process as a 2014-2015 applicant. I apologize if I have bothered you with my posts. Below are a few posts I copied from the thread from last year that I mentioned above... logonaut Posted 24 July 2013 - 01:29 AM I submitted my application just before the deadline and received an email from the NHSC on Tuesday, July 23, telling me I needed to log in to my NHSC applicant account to receive and update. When I logged in, I received the following message, as well as some instructions regarding additional steps to be completed: "Congratulations! Your application has been identified as a possible recipient for a 2013 NHSC Scholarship Program (NHSC SP) award. This is not a guarantee of an award... Your overall Application Status is: Finalist for Award." PAApplicant Posted 24 July 2013 - 09:31 AM Hey yall! I got an email yesterday as well saying that an update has been made on my application so I just checked it and it says I am a finalist! We have to submit a W4 and another verification of enrollment/good academic standing by the 31st. Hopefully we'll find out officially soon after the 31st! PAApplicant Posted 30 August 2013 - 05:18 PM I just received the acceptance email this afternoon!! Hoping for good news for you all too!!!
  2. PAK12345

    NHSC 2014

    Last year's finalists were notified July 23rd (at least from the posts I've seen). It even states in their scholarship/application PDF that people will be notified beginning in July. Since credit checks were done earlier this year than last year I assumed finalists would be notified earlier.
  3. PAK12345

    NHSC 2014

    Officially going crazy! We need to hear news soon!!
  4. PAK12345

    NHSC 2014

    just checked my credit report and it was checked on 6/23 :) don't want to get my hopes up though!
  5. PAK12345

    NHSC 2014

    I hear July is when we'll here. It can't come soon enough!
  6. It's normal to be anxious. Try to hang in there! They're looking for people that are down to earth and really have the passion to become PAs. If you have any questions feel free to message me. :)
  7. No writing assignment, only 3 1 on 1 interviews. The best advice I can give is to just be yourself. They are not grilling you with questions only trying to see who you are. Good luck!
  8. Hi Joel, Personally if I were you I'd right about the substance abuse and how you overcame it and ultimately worked hard to get to where you are now. The situation motivated you to want to work in medicine as a PA. I think that's a personal statement I'd want to keep reading. I was kind of stuck in the same situation. I had a baby at a young age so that's what I wrote about. I didn't want to be judged and for the staff to think oh she has a child she won't make it through the program but I wrote about it anyway. So far I've gotten 3 interview invites and accepted into my 1st choice. Programs want to see people who are human, people who work hard and people who know what they want. Good luck!
  9. I think you're a competitive applicant! Just seal the deal with a great narrative and great LORs.
  10. I don't see that being wrong. If they didn't specify the format of the interview and you can't find any info online you should call and ask. Can you contact any students of the program to get some advice? Maybe send one a message on here? Also, when you call you don't have to identify yourself.
  11. I think my app was complete and verified May 6th.
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