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  1. Yeah, I'm not sure! Apparently the Fridays are used to go to clinics to do H&P's and for time to do online work.
  2. Anyone have a 30 minute commute? The school I got into is like a 30-35 minute commute (without traffic) and the lab is 45 minutes away once a week. From what I hear we get Fridays off and one semester we get Tuesdays and Fridays off so I'm debating if it'll be worth it to move.
  3. So excited to be posting this! Undergrad School: University of Maryland Baltimore County, BS in Biology CASPA Cumulative Undergrad GPA: 3.26 CASPA Cumulative Science GPA: 2.89 CASPA Cumulative Science GPA after Post-Bacc (2 classes at a CC): 3.02 CASPA Verification: Submitted to most on May 25th, was verified pretty shortly after Age at time of application: 25 GRE: V 156 (71%), Q 148 (32%), W 4.5 (80%) HCE: 2484 as an ER tech (at time of application, still accruing hours), 1044 as a med/surg tech, 300 hours as a volunteer EMT-Basic, 70 hours from clinica
  4. Just got off the wait list and got an acceptance letter! I'm so happy! Can someone invite me to the Facebook page? :-)
  5. wow, wish I had something like that near me-it was pretty hard to find PAs to shadow
  6. Do they really need to be letters? I sent out thank you e-mails...
  7. I received my letter and got wait listed. Wondering how many people get pulled off of it..
  8. I was surprised they didn't ask me more questions for the individual interview, they only asked me 5 questions...not sure how I did. Hoping I get in though! Good luck to all
  9. Has anyone been rejected pre-interview yet? I submitted my supplemental for the Philly campus on July 10th but haven't heard anything back yet, I know they interview until January right?
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