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  1. Received the email this afternoon. Unfortunately, it was not what I was hoping for :( Wishing the best of luck to everyone else though!!
  2. Thank you all for the advice! I think I just needed support and confirmation from others who understand that chasing my PA dream is worth the money it takes to apply :)
  3. I am on a waitlist for a PA program that starts mid-August and am considered "high" on the alternate list. I can't depend on getting in, so I have to prepare to reapply. I am just waiting on finishing up a class and an LOR, but I am not sure how long to wait before I send out my applications because there is still a chance. I am going to submit my application before first deadline occurs for the programs I am applying to, but also the longer I wait, the less chance I have at getting an interview next cycle. I am not sure where the balance is between waiting to hear the final decision and spe
  4. Larislow, after my interview I submitted additional transcripts from courses that I took since my CASPA application was submitted, an additional letter of recommendation, and updated patient care hours. If I remember correctly they said that they have either 43 or 44 spots to offer this year. Unfortunately I do not know how many spots they have left, but I am getting anxious about it since 40-some spots is not very many. I am only guessing, but I would think they would notify the candidates who interviewed last week their status and then they would notify those on the waitlist. Does anyon
  5. Touro is my first choice, but I was placed on the high alternate list back on November and haven't heard anything since. They said they would be in contact with us late April / early May, but last year people were pulled from the waitlist as early as March. Has anyone been notified of status changes yet?
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