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  1. I just passed the PANRE!!! I want to give a shoutout to Hippo PA review since I found their program to be the best. I paid for the UMDNJ course (which is just the old fashioned lectures with professors reading the powerpoint slides). I could not do more than a couple of the UMDNJ lectures without literally falling asleep!! Then just one week prior to my exam I decided to take advantage of the four hour free trial on Hippo PA to review a few areas where I still needed to review again. Imagine the BIG BANG Theory cast (funny, nerdy scientists) giving lectures...now you have exactly what the Hippo PA review was like. I did 5 hours of studying that evening and was even laughing out loud! I signed up on a Friday and the review did not shut off so I had the weekend to study with it. It was like the best study group ever! They actually explained topics in a way that I was able to easily remember the details. I also liked the HIPPO PA question bank. In comparison the Exam master from UMDNJ is not like the PANRE at all!!!! The questions were not FP style questions and were much more in-depth than the actual PANRE. So overall score UMDNJ 0; HIPPO PA PANRE review 1!!!!! Also, remember that the PANRE is indeed a FP test so do not go off the deep end in details!! Understand the problem, identify key (unique) factors of the disease, what test to diagnosis it and separate it from other diagnoses. If you can answer those questions you will NAIL the PANRE!! Anyway, just my opinion obviously- I just wish someone had this comparison when I was looking into the different programs. Now HIPPO PA is not perfect but I would rather spend time with some funny nerdy scientists over BORING professors reading outlines (UMDNJ).
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