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  1. For personal reasons, I am considering taking a one year leave of absence a couple months before graduation. Does anybody have experience taking leave of absence during clinical year? If so, how hard was it to retain the information during that time so that you are able to transition back to clinicals and studying for exams?
  2. Oh, I don't remember. That's probably what they'll do. Maybe Adam told me but I got so excited that I didn't process that haha.
  3. Got accepted as well! Interviewed on 9/30, and got call on 10/7. Has anybody who has gotten accepted received their acceptance email yet?
  4. Thank you SO MUCH everyone! I agree with everyone that the "don't call us.." probably didn't apply, but I just thought I'd double check. I have decided to send an email to the admissions asking for the interviewers' email :).
  5. At the end of my PA school interview, admissions officers said, "Don't call us, we'll call you." However, I forgot to get the email of the student and alumni interviewers. I could possibly mail a thank you letter to the program, but am not sure whether the student and alumni interviewers would receive it since they do not work for the program. I worry that by not thanking them, that may not reflect well into my candidacy. Here are options I'm considering: 1. Email admissions to ask for interviewers' email. 2. Email admissions to thank them for considering me and for having me be interviewed. Maybe ask that they forward this email to the interviewer? 3. Don't email admissions at all, since admissions said "Don't call us, we'll call you." (But would not sending a "thank you" affect my candidacy?) I was wondering if you can share your thoughts on this matter? Perhaps I am overthinking it, and the "Don't call us, we'll call you," does not apply to my situation?
  6. I also interviewed on 8/16 and got an acceptance call and email today as well :)!
  7. Thanks for the feedback everyone! I am a little concerned now because in my CASPA personal statement I said that want to be a primary care PA, but in the description section of my shadowing experience, I said that I prefer PA over MD because I like that PAs can work in multiple specialties and work in a team with physicians. Obviously, perhaps it's not a red flag because I was offered an interview, but maybe that school overlooked it? In other words, have I hurt my chances at other schools? I didn't think working in multiple specialties and saying I want to be primary care was "bad," because I was thinking of working in both primary care and specialties at the same time. In hindsight, I can see now how it sounds a little inconsistent :/.
  8. I had the same issue. I had the wrong year listed. CASPA won't change it once it has been verified. I emailed each school, and so far have one interview lined up. Not sure how much it actually had an impact, but the one interview must count for something right :) ? Also, I would think that emailing each school would look good because it shows your integrity and honesty, and that you were detail-oriented enough to catch your mistake. I would think that it's better that the applicant catch a mistake than a school catch it. This is just my non-professional opinion though.
  9. I edited and my submitted essay already, so won't be needing any more feedback. Thanks everyone!
  10. Thank you kennypowers for the suggestion! And thank you for the kind words. I'm glad you liked the core of my essay :).
  11. Thank you kennypowers!! I think I heard that admissions like stories about patients. But perhaps I spent too much time talking about them. I will try to shorten the stories. If anyone else has more honest feedback I would much appreciate it!
  12. Thank you so much NikkiO!!! I've been told that it's good, easy to read, and doesn't need further editing. Other people said the essay doesn't flow well , the first 4 paragraphs doesn't say much, and that I talk too much about patients. Sorry about the confusion of Mary/Kathy; they are the same person. I fixed the error. I agree with you that the organization needs work. I'll work on that :). If anyone else has more honest feedback I would much appreciate it!
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