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  1. Thank you so much for your detailed response! I look forward to submitting my application to Seton Hall's Physician Assistant program.
  2. From what I understand, you only need to pay one fee. Also, at the open house seminar they made it clear that applying to more than one program would not increase your chances of admission- she said that if you are rejected from one, you will be rejected from all and usually they submit your application to your first choice and take it from there. You may want to double check with someone on that!
  3. Hi! Congrats on your interview, hope it went well. I am actually planning on submitting my application early on this week and was wondering what your stats are as far as experience and GPA- of course only if you are comfortable sharing. I really just want to get an idea as far as what type of applicant Seton Hall is looking for or willing to look into. Also, were any of your classes pending/in progress at the time of applying? Hope to hear back from you soon!
  4. Thanks for the response! It's good to know that someone else is still waiting :)
  5. Wow- they sent you the supplemental so fast! Good luck!!
  6. Congrats to everyone who has an interview already scheduled! Is anyone else still waiting on the secondary application? My application was confirmed officially by Cornell on August 9th (I submitted my CASPA towards the end of July) and I am still waiting on the supplemental.
  7. Hey! I am in your boat as well- just received an email on September 9th confirming my supplemental application was received. Have you heard anything in regards to an interview yet?
  8. Hey! I was wondering when you received the email confirmation from Cornell stating that they officially received your application from CASPA? And good luck on your supplemental!
  9. I know this may be a bit personal- but I was wondering if those who have received an interview would be willing to share their stats as far as GPA goes?
  10. Hey! Has anyone heard back from admissions yet as far as interviews go?
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