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  1. I have hours/experience from jobs years ago and have since lost touch with supervisors that are no longer there etc. So I'm wondering how to schools verify PCE? I'm assuming they call contacts/references etc to ensure? How would I go about proving my experience? Thanks!
  2. Hello, I tried looking and couldn't find any possible job within the pharmacy office that could count towards PCH. I'm hoping I missed something and someone will point out a job that qualifies. Anyone? Thank you!
  3. Just a quick update in case anyone is wondering. My top pick for schools: says Scribe > PT aide 2nd pick: Scribe doesn't even count. PT aide does as well as ophthalmic technician. 3rd pick: Scribe doesn't even but. PT aide does as well as ophthalmic technician. 4th pick Scribe > PT aide > ophthalmic technician I'm waiting to hear back from other schools. I'm leaning towards taking the ophthalmic technician job that will hopefully lead to the scribe job. Also the ophthalmic technician job pays more and offers benefits/401k vs the PT aide job.
  4. Thanks everyone for replying with your input. Unfortunately right now, the main thing for me is what schools deem as primary means of PCE to get me into school vs what would better prepare me as a PA student / working PA. As an aside, I started as a PT aide volunteer to see if it's a good fit and I like the patient contact when I'm showing them directly how to do exercises, setting them up etc. I like the people aspect of the job, but in all honesty, I feel like I'd get bored intellectually after awhile. It seems like a lot of busy work. No offense to anyone who has done the job before--it's just my initial impression. This may change as I learn more about the job, but after 10 hours, so far it seemed like more of the same. Don't get me wrong seeing people improve is rewarding. I like the idea of seeing different patients with different issues and wrapping my mind around ailments and how the doctor would treat them with the scribe job. Back to my original thought, I'll be contacting all 15+ schools I'm interested in and seeing where they stand. Thanks again everyone, feel free to keep this thread going as it helps others reading.
  5. Hello everyone, I have an opportunity to be hired at two different places for different responsibilities one as a PT aide (not an assistant, sorry can't edit the topic title) and the other as a possible scribe (but starting as a ophthalmic technician). I realize different schools prioritize different forms of PCE and I will be contacting the schools I want to apply for for clarification. I have to choose one--both are full time positions. But in general, which would be benefit me more? Thanks!
  6. Where did you apply to if you don't mind me asking? (I don't have much PCH)
  7. Question regarding pre-req courses: where did you all take medical terminology that is worth 3 units.. Also General Biology that is 8 units meaning two semesters. I haven't seen any Junior College around SoCal offer Gen Bio in a year block. Thanks and congrats everyone.