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  1. If it comes down to it I will consider doing a residency program. As much as I do want to learn I also have a ton of loans to pay . I know that NYU would be a great place to learn
  2. Hello I am a new grad PA looking for an Ortho job. I have been on a few interviews so far directly though hospitals/clinics, but most recently i went to an interview that was at an agency? Not exactly sure what it is called but the people who work are basically scouts that try to find you a job. I will not name the company but I would just like to know if anyone has experience with this? I am sure that these companies do not work for free. So if i get a job will i be hired through them? or through the hospital/office they join me with? Will they be taking a part of my paycheck? *sorry if this question was answered previously, i am new to the blog
  3. Hello I am a new grad in NY looking for an ortho job. I just passed my boards two weeks ago and I have already blasted my resume to dozens of hospitals/practices. Unfortunately 95% of the places I applied to prefer experience. I would prefer a Hospital setting as my first job so that I can work with a variety of doctors, learn how to manage fxs, dislocations, post op pts, etc. but I am becoming desperate from the wait that I am considering an office job. I am just worried because I will be missing out on an entire learning experience. For all my Ortho PAs, what is your opinion on starting off a career in a Hospital vs Office for Ortho. (one of the main things i want to do is 1st assist in OR) *sorry if this question has been answered somewhere in the blog, i just joined recently. Thanks
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