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  1. Has anyone been notified of wait list placement?
  2. Haven't heard anything. Any idea How long It should take?
  3. Interviewed on the 15th. Haven't heard anything yet
  4. Hey guys, got the UTMB interview on the 15th. For those of you who interviewed before care to share your experiences? How were the faculty interviews? What is the student panel all about? Thanks
  5. Hey guys, Does pharmacy tech count as HCE hours? Thanks
  6. Thanks! Also other than volunteering and shadowing, is there anything else preferred to gain admission?
  7. Hey guys, i'm currently doing my undergrad at HBU in Houston. I was wondering if UTMB would accept anatomy & physiology 1 and 2 separately rather than take general physiology and human anatomy separately. If so, is there a preference? Thanks
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