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  1. Is there a different Facebook address for the group? I would like to join!
  2. I just received my call from Leah today, I have been accepted!!! My husband and I are SO excited! I cannot wait to move to OR and begin this journey with everyone! See you in May!!! :)
  3. Does anyone know if interviews are finished?
  4. I submitted to CASPA in August but had to wait to submit my supplemental in December after completion of a course. I received an email Dec 20th after I had submitted and then on Jan 2 received the "application complete / under review" message.
  5. I submitted everything back in August and I received my "application complete" email on Jan 2nd
  6. I sent my app in Jan and they replied that everything was complete. However, I have not heard anything else. Anyone hear anything yet?
  7. Has there been anyone pulled off the alternate list yet? Fact is, they could pull anyone off the list anytime, all the way up to when the program starts.
  8. Are they still offering interviews or are they finished interviewing? Does anyone know?
  9. Yes, I talked to a first year student who said that nobody in their class was from the waitlist because they over enrolled - however, the previous year almost 1/2 were from the waitlist. So, I don't know, it will be interesting to see what happens this year!
  10. Just wanted to start this thread for those on the waitlist. This way people on the waitlist can post updates for everyone to see and/or students who decline a class seat can post here with their update(s).
  11. I heard back from Leah, they waitlist 90-100 students ... In case anyone else was wondering (if you were placed on the waitlist)
  12. Congrats aiviphung! I just received an email from Leah, I am on the wait list. I was really hoping for a call as Pacific is my number one choice, but hoping for good news about the wait list! We'll see what happens. Does anyone know how many students are put on the wait list and how far down the list they typically go?
  13. Is anyone still waiting to hear from BW? I have already interviewed at other schools but I am still waiting to hear from BW. Did not receive the BW supplemental app to complete - hoping that I still receive it. Sent a follow up email to them and they stated that applications are still being reviewed and interview invites will be extended through the end of Jan. Hoping that I hear good things soon...?
  14. Interviewed at the end of Oct and I am still waiting to hear something ...
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