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  1. Let’s just agree that all of us who have heard nothing will be in the dark until 2020. Enjoy the holidays and have a drink
  2. I will be applying for a 6th time as well
  3. No problem girl! I did not attach anything (I thought I read something at the top that said to check with the programs recommendations about attaching items; since there was no mention of it on the checklist I opted out. I'm not sure if it was the right thing to do or not though)
  4. I emailed them and they said we should be able to select a term shortly. Good luck to you all
  5. Same. Verified 5/9 and have yet to hear anything. Thank you for starting a thread!
  6. denied for the fourth year. good luck to everyone
  7. Ridiculous and despicable on behalf of this school. Thanks for the 3 rejections
  8. 7 over 10,000 hours of experience as a cardiac sonographer (inpatient, outpatient and cardiac OR) with straight A's for prereqs. This whole process is beyond me at this point. Thanks for the kind words. Take care and good luck
  9. denied fourth year in a row. good luck to you all
  10. I got a rejection letter in the mail too. Fourth year applying and the same pattern continues. Good luck to you all
  11. just got a rejection email. 4th year applying to PA school with over 10,000 hours of experience as a cardiac sonographer. good luck to you all
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