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  1. Hi, I got the phone call yesterday around 4 pm. I GOT ACCEPTED!!!
  2. I would like to drop by to give you my experience interviewing last Saturday! First, we had the group discussion. I thought it was very different and unique in a way. My group was very interactive. Everyone spoke and gave their opinions while the PAs will be listening and writing notes. I liked it because it calm my nerves down, and by the time I got to the one on one interview, I wasn't nervous anymore. I was really relaxed and enjoyed my whole time there. Next, we went on into writing an essay. I thought the essay was easy. You're just answering the question and back it up with evidences to strengthen your essay in 20mins. Finally, it was time for the one on one interview. I thought the one on one interview was the easiest part. It was like a conversation to me. Typically questions that you would encounter at every school interviews. I hope this help. I enjoyed my whole time there at UNT. The Gross anatomy lab is awesome!
  3. I sent my applications in around the mid of July. I finally received an invite last week.
  4. Two more days until the Nov 2nd interview. Good luck everyone. Excited to see everyone there. Again, I'll be interviewing in the morning.
  5. Hi everyone, I just got an invitation for LSU - Shreveport for dec 10.
  6. Hi dellon1, I received my invitation oct 11 for the November 16 interview. Excited! Can't wait to see everyone there. JUST 3 more weeks!
  7. hi txapp, Actually, I recently got accepted to LSU New Orleans. I won't be attending USF anymore. Sorry.
  8. Does anyone knows how to make/start a FB page for our CLASS of 2016?????
  9. Hi everyone, I just received my letter of acceptance YESTERDAY in the mail!!!
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