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  1. Vallejo is not very safe. Mare island is off Vallejo and is only accessible by bridge. Mare Island itself is safe except for the Mosquitos during certain parts of the year. Many students live on-island, some in Vallejo, and others live in Benicia. Benicia is a nice town about 20 minutes away.
  2. I would concentrate on school. Grades are huge for getting into PA school. If you do not get into PA school the first year, continue to gain to get more HCE. HCE is easier to get then trying to make up for bad grades.
  3. I agree, I believe quality substance is what matters in your paragraph not length. I have asked people who reads these applications and they do not like unnecessary fluff.
  4. Thank you, I am very excited to start school. Having a low overall GPA is huge blackmark on your application. I had to explain myself in my essay and interview, which takes up valuable space/time to talk about other things. I explained how I went to college, for the experience of college. I had no ambitions after college except to graduate. It wasn't until I became a Medic, that I realized that I wanted to be a PA. With a purpose and a goal I went back to school and did very well. If your grades you earned in college does not represent your potential, you just need to explain what ha
  5. Hi Danny, I have an OGPA of 2.9 (last 60 SH was about 3.8). SGPA of 3.7. Thousands of hours of volunteering, a few hundred hours of PA shadowing. Approx 5k hours of medical work. I am in the Army, with medical experience in combat hospitals in Iraq. I also work part time at an emergency room. Since I had a low overall GPA, I had to talk about my immaturity as an undergrad and how I progressed to become a better student. I also believe my experience has also help me standout as candidate. If you get the interview, its all about demonstrating your passion in becoming a PA. S
  6. I just interviewed a few weeks ago. I won't talk details, but I will tell you they will not have you sitting around, so be prepared to be on your toes. . You have to be able to demonstrate how much you know about the profession as a whole, this will help prove your seriousness about being a PA. Know the role of a PA in a healthcare team and in the healthcare system. Touro is very serious about public health, hence the MPH. Know PA current events such as legislation involving PAs. Shadow PAs, join and read articles from CAPA/AAPA, and be familiar with other PA organizations. This wi
  7. I agree with EMEDPA. It will help PAs students understand the healthcare system as a whole not just the individual patient. For instance it does not make sense to go to Business School and only learning microeconomics and passing up macroeconomics. Studying epidemiology can be helpful when dealing with a certain demographics. Above all, the opportunity to gain additional knowledge is always a pro in my book. Good luck.
  8. I also have been invited to interview on November 4th! I'm super excited about getting an interview from Touro. I personally know PAs who graduated from here and they are top-notch. For those Californians who are not local, remember November 4th is ballot day. So if you can't vote in person, make sure you mail in your vote. There are very important issues, especially Prop 46! Congrats to all those who receive invitations to interview and good luck.
  9. I am Pre-PA and in the California Army National Guard. The PAs in my unit suggested I look into joining CAPA. After looking into the organization and what it does, I decided to join. San Joaquin Valley College is my PA program of choice, and I am determined to get in. I was curious if anyone knows how involved SJVC is with CAPA? I would thing the SJVC central location makes it ideal in being able to attend CAPA events and take advantage of the opportunities that CAPA provides. Thanks for any responses!
  10. Ok I have been informed, I am not the only one anxiously awaiting to hear from SJVC. I guess I can understand, there seemed to be many great applicants that attended the second interview and to chose only 24 can't be easy. So for those who got in already, congrats. For the rest of us, best of luck. Semper Fi.
  11. Anyone else not heard back yet? This is probably not a good indication....
  12. I keep looking through last weeks mail wondering if my 3 year old got to the letter :). O'well there is always Monday. Congrats to those who got accepted so far!
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