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  1. Hey Congrats!! I plan on applying here in the future. Do you know specifically if they take any social sciences or are they picky? Their website doesn't give any specifics for that so I just want to be sure. Thanks. ;o)
  2. Kelciejag

    Honest Opinions Appreciated!

    Thanks so much!!
  3. Kelciejag

    Honest Opinions Appreciated!

    @TheGatorGrok Wanted to ask you what you thought about the GRE? How did you study first time compared to this time? thanks.
  4. Hey NOVA!! Was curious if anyone knows if some people drive back and forth and from how far? I live in Tampa/St. Pete area with my family and cannot really move. Do you think this would be an impossible drive everyday? Thanks!!
  5. Kelciejag

    Honest Opinions Appreciated!

    @TheGatorGrok No, I am currently still finishing my undergrad degree @ USF for biomedical sciences. ( I only go to part time and still work part time) I won't be ready to apply for PA school for like another year and half or so. I just want to be prepared!! ;o) Good luck on everything!! I'm sure you will do great!
  6. Kelciejag

    Honest Opinions Appreciated!

    @TheGatorGrok - Would love an update on your journey. I am a nuclear medicine technologist now and would love to hear any advice and feedback you have from applying so far? Thanks
  7. Hey guys!! I will one day be applying and Barry is my top choice right now, but I was wondering if anyone has heard anything about the newer USF Tampa PA program and why there hasn't been a thread started for that school? Thanks for any info!!!!
  8. Hello everyone and congrats to those with all the good news and also Good luck!!! Barry University is going to be one of the PA schools I apply to, eventually! haha Anyway, I was wondering if you think this school focuses more on high GPA or higher/quality HCE..or a combination? Thanks in advance!!! ;o)
  9. Hello everyone!! I wanted to get some advice on the undergraduate physics classes. I am going to be doing my B.S. degree in Biology and the options are Physics I and II OR General Physics I and II. I have checked most of the FL schools that I would be applying for and Physics doesn't seem to be a mandatory pre-req, but rather preferred. I would like to just take the General Physics because then I won't have to do another upper level calculus class, but I also want to be sure that Physics isn't the one that PA programs require/want to see?? Anyone have any insight or advice on this? Thanks in advance!!!
  10. Kelciejag

    There is hope!

    Jkimee- Thanks so much for posting this! I love to read these kind of posts! Your post is helping me stay motivated to keep pushing forward... I have been working as a Nuclear Medicine Technologist full time for about 3 years, single mom, and now going back for PA. It is going to be a long journey ahead. All of you guys make it sound like it is completely worth the wait though...Thank you!!!! Congrats to you and good luck with everything!!!! Keep us updated! Kelcie Jagodzinski:smile:

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