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  1. Kelciejag

    University of Tampa PA Program

    That is awesome!! Congrats!! Do you guys mind sharing stats and when you submitted for UT? Thanks!!
  2. Yes, I understand how you got confused! They have it worded strange on the website. I had called to clarify this same issue like a year ago because I didn’t understand what exact classes they would accept for that!
  3. Do you mind sharing what kind of issue it was? Just wondering if anyone else might have the same issue that you are having.... Thanks!
  4. Kelciejag

    University of Tampa PA Program

    I already paid for mine .... lol so hopefully I get an interview!!! With any new program, I guess there will be little hiccups.
  5. Kelciejag

    University of Tampa PA Program

    I already submitted mine!! They have put a lot of effort in this program and the accreditation so I would be shocked if they didn’t receive it. I only applied to schools in the area, so it’s in my best interest to pay for it. This may not be the case for other people who have more options!!
  6. Kelciejag

    University of Tampa PA Program

    I just got one too!! Is it a background test? I haven’t opened it up yet.
  7. Hey!! I’m still going to apply here as well... I think it’s worth a shot. My summer class grades don’t post until August 13th and I need it to post before I can apply here!! Good luck!!!
  8. Thanks!!! That’s true! I didn’t realize they send rejections that soon! Crazy!! Good luck to everyone who is still hoping to get an interview!!!
  9. Wow!! Thank you! You have great stats!! That’s nice to hear that they are interested in the person as a whole package. Did they mention through what months they would be sending out invitations for interviews? I’m still hoping to get one.....just scary waiting.
  10. Do you mind sharing your stats @daydreamy?!?
  11. Has anyone who submitted late June and verified late June or early July been offered an interview yet??
  12. Kelciejag

    University of Tampa PA Program

    Hey!!! I applied here too!! Did any of you guys get a confirmation email that they got or application? Maybe they don’t do that because they are still new? The campus and program look amazing!
  13. Hey Congrats!! I plan on applying here in the future. Do you know specifically if they take any social sciences or are they picky? Their website doesn't give any specifics for that so I just want to be sure. Thanks. ;o)
  14. Kelciejag

    Honest Opinions Appreciated!

    Thanks so much!!
  15. Kelciejag

    Honest Opinions Appreciated!

    @TheGatorGrok Wanted to ask you what you thought about the GRE? How did you study first time compared to this time? thanks.

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