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  1. ok thank you!! that is what I wanted to know!
  2. Hello!! Was curious if anyone used smarty pance board review with the nccpa blueprint layout to study for the NEW PANCE?????
  3. Instagram accounts for Gannon Ruskin FL: Student led: @gannonruskinpa admin run: @gu_ruskin
  4. Hi started this for the new cycle opening soon... so people can use this one instead of the Pennsylvania one.....
  5. Student led: @gannonruskinpa admin run: @gu_ruskin
  6. Cheryl will send you a link to a FB page at some point... if you would like to email her and ask, I'm sure she would be happy to give you guys more info about when they plan on setting one up for your class!! Congrats to everyone who has gotten acceptance!!
  7. Hey everyone!! I'm a current student at the Gannon Ruskin campus. Feel free to message me with any questions! Good luck to everyone!!
  8. Wow. That is crazy there is still one last interview date, but I guess since it the program doesn't start until August...it's really not that late.
  9. Congrats!!! So happy for you! Anyone else hear anything?!? I’m soooo thankful they did get the accreditation!
  10. My mistake. It looks like the FIVE bioskills lab in tampa is just used as a surgical learning simulation??? not sure.
  11. I wish they did, but we should still be fine without it. I'm sure they will have some sort of high-tech digital cadaver computer instead? Maybe we could also see if there are any other labs that rent out cadaver labs for like a week or so in tampa. I know UT PA program will be using one in tampa somewhere. Maybe we could get in there too if they don't have an exclusive contract or something?? not sure...
  12. I think someone tried to make one ... the link is in the beginning of this thread, but it only lets you like the page?!? So we might need a new one created!!!
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