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    NHSC 2014

    I'm applying- I am trying to find time to work on my essays and get all of the paperwork together.
  2. I also got an email saying that I was being considered for an interview. I'm considering whether or not to pursue this. I've been accepted to another school and have already put down $1500 in deposits, but UMES would be a much cheaper program. Maybe I should pursue this and see how it works out, then decide.
  3. I have been trying repeatedly for the past two weeks to pay my second deposit. I know it isn't due until January 30, but I was trying to get it in in the 2013 tax year. I didn't have any luck with that because no matter how many times I have tried to enter my code at the enrollment site, my confirmation code has been coming up as non-existant. I contacted Ms. Roth and Ms. Collins about it, and Ms. Collins put my in touch with a technical support person. He tried my code and said it was working, but every time I tried it after that it still didn't work. I have been using several different computers, so I know it isn't an issue with the computer itself. The first deposit worked just fine, so I don't know what the trouble is. Has anyone else tried to pay a deposit recently, and if so did it work?
  4. I'm going to be starting PA school next summer, and I'm trying to figure out how to have enough time to be a good student while also trying to keep up with the other necessities of life. I would appreciate any advice that current/past PA students can give in terms of how to manage the responsibilities of PA school while also trying to find enough time to get enough to eat, get enough sleep, do the dishes and laundry, get the car repaired when it breaks down, and so forth. What did you cut out to so you would have study time? Or did you find shortcuts for doing the other things that need to get done? Or do you just let the housework go and spend your time studying instead? I would appreciate any advice you all could give. Thanks.
  5. Thanks, everyone, for the responses. I'll try to take your advice.
  6. I have been accepted to a program and am now wondering what I am supposed to be doing between now and the time when the program starts. For the past couple of years, so much of my energy has gone into being the best possible candidate I can be, and now I feel like I need to change gears to prepare for actually being a student. I'm thinking that I should spend the next several months trying to earn as much money as I can (to prepare for the time when I won't have an income); brush up on some A&P; read up on genetics, pharmacology, and so forth; apply for loans and scholarships; get as much as I can in my personal life squared away before school starts (home repairs, medical appointments, and such); and try to take some time to relax. Anything else I should be thinking of? (And, yes, I'm aware that this is a great problem to have.)
  7. 36 year old female from the northeast corner of MD with a 13 year old. I'm planning to commute on SEPTA every day- I hoping that's not too crazy, but I have a lot of factors making it challenging to uproot. I'm so excited: I would be happy to start the program next week or next month rather than having to wait.
  8. When I interviewed, they told us that we were the first of three interview groups that they were going to do before they got back to us. They must have recently finished up with these three groups, since I got a response from them. My group had six applicants, so I think that they are doing small groups. If they have done three groups of about six people, then I would imagine that there are seats still open. The class is going to be forty students, but some of the seats might be taken by the 3+2 students, so it's hard to say exactly how many seats would still be open. As far as the interview, I don't think that the school would like for me to say to much. They requested that the applicants not talk to each other between the two interviews that each of us had because they wanted our responses to be natural rather than rehearsed. I'm not sure what they saw in me that the schools that gave me rejection letters didn't see. I'm not sure what exactly they're looking for, so I can just say that if you have an interview, do your best and answer each question honestly.
  9. I just got a confirmation e-mail. It says that they're going to commence with interviews in January. Yes, January.
  10. I submitted to CASPA in May, so my application went out with the first mailing. 3.8 GPA, 334 GRE, 2100 HCE. Yesyerday's interview went well, as far as I can tell. They had an interview group of 6 people, so it was small enough for us to get to know each other. They started us off with a writing exercise, but it wasn't a difficult topic. Next we had a presentation of the program, then the interviews. Each of the applicants interviewed with two members of the faculty. The faculty members I met with were friendly and put me at ease. During this time, we also went over what each applicant still needed as far as prerequisites and HCE. After that we went on a tour of the campus. Ms. Roth, who did the tour, is really nice and funny, so it was a fun tour. After the tour we had a pizza lunch with the students. Getting to know them and ask about their experiences thus far with the program was quite helpful. That was the whole day- from 8:30 am to 12:30 pm. Not too stressful, and it was good to get more of a first hand taste of what the program is like. They said that this was the first of three interview groups that they have scheduled. After they interview these three groups, they will make decisions on who to admit, so we won't hear back from them for about 6 weeks.
  11. I applied, but haven't heard back from them.
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