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  1. Hi, i saw on a forum post that you passed the pance. congrats. I was just wondering if you had any tips or advice. Im asking because I failed twice so any info would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

  2. Hi! I just graduated from the program: 1) Definitely focused on primary care, but most programs are now. I don't know of a program that is Surgery based. 2) I feel like this is a hard question to ask. If I were to answer, I would say a little of both. But medicine is medicine, so I'm not sure. 3) Yes, there were many opportunities for community service, and there was one class that was Community Based Medicine. 4) Yes! 6-8 Full cadavers set aside for just PA students (separate than med students)! Separated into about 4 students per cadaver, we did everything! Great experience! 5) Yes!
  3. Hi mzigwig, I just graduated from the program and passed my PANCE. I think it was a good program and I really enjoyed it. Every program, anywhere you go, will have it's pros and cons so keep that in mind. And anywhere you go, you'll have struggles, just because that's the type of degree and intensity it is. Honestly, they will not let you fail. Everyone is there to help you, if you let them. Keep an open mind through the program. Do not get caught up in "trying to change things" because that will just make you bitter (happened to several of my classmates). But overall, I was well prepared
  4. overlyk

    Pance 6/3

    Well, it's Thursday morning and I just got my results! Passed at 9:13am! Thanks for all the encouraging words everyone!
  5. overlyk

    Pance 6/3

    Thanks for your encouragement! Waiting is worse than the test itself!
  6. overlyk

    Pance 6/3

    I'm sorry, I don't understand what you mean by which test. I didn't take any of the specialty exams if that's what you're asking. And difficulty wise, there were some questions and answers that I have never heard before, even throughout my 2.5 years of PA school... don't know what more to say. Good luck!
  7. Hey there, I would go ahead and apply to your PA schools. I also did not do very well on my GRE. Most PA schools I applied to did not even require it. I got interviews about half of the programs I applied to (6 interviews, 12 applications) and was accepted into several. No one brought up my GRE. I have a very strong background like yourself. Beyond your background, the interview process is based on whether or not your personality matches with the program. Don't stress. You will get in somewhere, and keep reapplying if you need to. Be confident and enjoy your last semester!!
  8. overlyk

    Pance 6/3

    Hi! I took my PANCE exam on Monday morning. I didn't expect it to be easy, but it was so much difficult than i thought it would be. Wondering if I got the difficult version. Anyone else take it yesterday? Any guesses when I'll get results? I took it on Monday on purpose because I heard most people get their results back the same week. I am super nervous. Thanks!
  9. Tough question: Many of my current classmates live together as roomates, some live at home with their parents or families, and others (including myself) live with their significant others. It is great having my boyfriend to help out around the appartment, and because he is in medicine himself, he understands the time and work that I have to put in. It is really important to have a strong support system even if you decide to live alone. It all depends on the kind of personality you are. Hope this helps. Good luck!
  10. I'm 2 months away from graduation. For me, clinicals was 10x better than the classroom, but believe me, you need the classroom to prepare you for clinicals. They go hand in hand. Clinicals also depend on your confidence level and your prior patient care experiences. I have about 4 years of ambulance and ER experience prior to PA school so I am very comfortable in clinicals. Your preceptors will be able to see this in you, and they will trust you or distrust you depending on your confidence. Also, always do what your preceptors tell you to do, including leaving a 12hr shift, getting h
  11. Thanks to both of you for your insight. I will see how the interview goes!
  12. Hello everyone. I am a a PA student on the last 2 months of PA school. I am taking my PANCE June 3rd! I am wondering what some of your experiences have been right out of school. In December I was dead set on going to a Surgical Residency program if I got accepted, however, since then I am on the fence. I applied for jobs in the area just in case and got a job offer for exactly what I want to do, General surgery covering several different specialties including thoracic, vascular, plastics, etc. I said yes to the job, and because it is "At will" there was no contract to sign. That was abou
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