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  1. Psychiatry Option 1 I have 2 offers I am trying to work through. A prominent doctor has offered a 50/50 split on reimbursement. He has been transparent and each of his providers has made over 150k the last 3 years. The being said the position is 1099. I have little experience with 1099 salaries, but I know that I will be taxed greatly. My wife carries our insurance so that is not an issue. This guy knows how to squeeze every penny out of billing and will teach me, and this may be beneficial in the future. He will pay malpractice. He offers an office and unlimited patients. I'm worried after tax the 150 really turns out to like 100 or less but he said "you wont pay that much in taxes" He gave me his CPA card and said you should form an S corp and other stuff to save money. I have no idea what it means. Offer 2 115k year one and 125k year two all standard benefits. There is an RVU bonus of 32 dollars per RVU above 3906 (seems way high?) This is W2.
  2. General question how can something be both an inhibitor and substrate of the CYP450 system. For example, how can prozac be a substrate of 2D6 but also an inhibitor of 2D6?
  3. I am relatively new to the idea of RVUs. The bonus structure will include 32 dollars per RVU once I have billed over my base salary. I am unsure if this is attainable or if that will even significantly increase my salary. Other part of contract 5 paid days for CME and $1000 in addition to 26 days of PTO
  4. I only cover consults and follow ups in the medical hospital. There will be a psychiatrist that covers call/rounding/consults for the psychiatric hospital. So if I have a question I can call the physician who is covering call. I desire the mentorship and guidance from a regular clinic role, but I'm not sure I can pass on an opportunity like this.
  5. I'm in a large southern metropolitan city. There is no saturation for psych in this area. That is not to say that saturation does not exist here. Primary care pays mid 90s but there are some low ball offers in the 80s no matter where you go.
  6. That salary is the rate that they give the full time PAs and NPs that work M-F but they also have bonus potential from RVUs. This weekend role will not have enough production to get any type of substantial bonus if any at all. I may have to get another job anyway to make up for the lost pay that the M-F people get from RVU bonus. Do you think I should negotiate 125k for the first year because of the lost bonus potential? Psych providers in my area are a hot commodity. 150k is pretty close to the norm for someone with a couple years of experience. The top earning NP at this group earns 190k but he works like a dog.
  7. Anyone help me out with this informal offer 115k for new grad increases to 125 after second year Work only Saturday and Sunday for the year. I would have to see all new consults at two hospitals that are 15 mins apart. No consults still get paid/ 20 consults no change in pay. Volume varies but its all psych consults in the medical hospital. I have never seen more than 8 in one day between both as far as new consults. We didn't talk about vacation. I was thinking of asking for 8 total days of vacation. So a random Saturday or Sunday I needed off. No help as a new grad. No mentorship because I will be basically autonomous. The job is basically to make the physicians life easier so they don't have to round on the weekend. They said 1000 for CME and they pay for all credentialing and licensing etc