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  1. Guys I passed my exam and easily! I'm shocked but so excited! I've had some sleepless nights this past week to say the least! Best wishes to all those still waiting for their results!
  2. Ya I scored a 175 on packrat and was in the green for the nccpa practice exam which points to passing the exam but I did not feel like my performance on test day reflected what I knew and what I was capable of. Im usually a pretty good test taker but I changed so many right answers to the wrong ones and second guessed myself. All I have been able to focus on are the questions I missed. But you're right we just have to wait it out and be patient.
  3. I took the test on September 6th. It was harder than I anticipated but I also felt like I missed a lot that I should have known but blanked on. Feeling a little defeated as I guessed on quite a few questions. Does anyone know a rough estimate of the percentage or number of questions that we should get correct in order to pass? Someone told me about half but that seems way too low.
  4. I have been using Pance Master to study for the PANCE and wanted to get an idea of how others performed on the Pance Master versus the PANCE and if they felt the questions were similar to the actual PANCE. Thank you!!
  5. Hey guys I just got called off the waitlist so there is still hope for everyone still waiting to hear from them! :)
  6. Thanks Jaimireed for the info. I guess all we can do now is try to be patient, wait it out, and pray! I'll let you know if I hear anything from them.
  7. I still haven't heard anything and I'm getting anxious. I wonder if May is usually a month with more movement on the waitlist. I really hope so...
  8. Hey downs94, I'm number 36 on the waitlist and have not heard anything from them yet.
  9. Well from an earlier post Paigems said he was #33 on the waitlist but I'm wondering why utmb hasn't been updating their website. It's been #27 on the website for a few weeks.
  10. I actually got accepted into another PA program last week and decided to cancel my interview here. But have fun at the interview Shannon, best wishes!
  11. I'm soo excited! Judy just called me and told me I was accepted!! I've been really down lately thinking I would have to reapply so I'm so happy! Best wishes to everyone, don't lose hope! :)
  12. Is anyone who interviewed since September eligible to be on the wait list? I'm just curious how large a pool the admissions committee has to select for wait listed applicants. Also, when I went to my interview last month I'm pretty sure they said they rank the wait list.
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