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  1. Good luck to everyone! I have been away from these forums for a while. I have already been accepted to another PA school and start in January. I definitely would have given South Alabama serious consideration if they interviewed earlier! Good news for you: one less person to compete. Good luck to all you veterans! My Army job was a helicopter mechanic. I applied for IPAP and was placed on the alternate list 3 years in a row, 2011-2013. During and since that time, I completed my degree in Biology (later re-took classes to improve my GPA!), became an EMT, then a paramedic, and worked
  2. Hey all, I haven't been on these forums in a while (long before I interviewed!), so thought I'd check it out. I interviewed and was accepted by UC as well! I'll see you there in January, and I'll request to be added to the Facebook page. I felt the opposite of Workhard...UC was a great interview experience for me compared to my other interview. I have since received other interview invitations, but I have turned them down since I am happy with my decision to matriculate at Cumberlands.
  3. I also received my email for an interview! I'm extremely excited! I replied that I am available for either day, August 20th and 21st. Looking forward to seeing the University of Charleston!
  4. Just applied for University of South Alabama today, still need to complete and send in the supplemental application. Has anyone else applied? This school seems to be very veteran friendly, so I'm hoping that I may have a good chance at getting an interview.
  5. I haven't received a response yet, but I didn't apply until 7/21, and finished the supplemental application last week. When did you apply?
  6. Thanks for posting dates everyone, this helps the wait. I applied and was CASPA verified on 7/21, hoping to get an interview.
  7. I was also hoping for an interview. I applied close to the deadline, so I was hoping maybe they were just behind on reviewing applications. I'd be surprised (but ecstatic) if they sent me an invite this week. Good luck to all those who interview!
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