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  1. I was wondering which certification between CNA and EMT would increase your chances of getting a job as an ER tech? I realize that they both take the same amount of time to obtain, but a CNA would most likely get a primary job in a skilled nursing facility and most ER Tech jobs require you to have at least a minimum of 1 year experience. I am not sure how long it would take before it would be possible getting an ER tech position as an EMT? Thanks!
  2. Hi, After I finish my Bachelor's next year, I plan on getting an LPN certificate. Once I get the LPN certificate I plan on working for a couple of years and completing my PA prereqs in CC. I have considered other HCE options such as an EMT or Phlebotomy as well. I definitely want to pursue primary care (Family Medicine) after PA school so I thought that LPN would give me more exposure to patients while being able to do more hands on work with them. I plan on working in a community clinic as well. I have also been told that if I do take the LPN route, I will have to explain to admissions as to why I did not carry on with nursing. I understand that are a multitude of ways to get into the PA route and any advice would be great. Thanks!
  3. Hello all, I am finally having a revelation that I would prefer to pursue PA over an MD. Much of that has to do with the fact that I would like to gain more clinical experience earlier and I appreciate the primary care aspect of PA as well. I have quite a few questions that would be great to get some opinions on. In terms of prereqs, I have yet to take A&P and Microbio. Additionally, I plan on taking medical terminology and additional bio classes to supplement my knowledge. I am currently in the 2nd quarter of organic chem series and am debating whether or not I should continue on with the next lab and last class of the series? I have definitely struggled with this class and I do not need more classes affecting my gpa. I currently hold an overall of a 3.0 and I am borderline for many of the GPA reqs for lots of PA schools. My science GPA currently falls around a 2.6. I am completely aware that PA schools look for a strong science background and I fear that I fall too weak for many schools. Should I consider doing a Postbac program after I finish my undergrad at UW? Additionally, I am in the middle of taking the general bio series. I did not pass the 2nd quarter of the series and have to retake it this summer and am aiming to earn a 3.0 in that class the second time around. Would you recommend that I finish the series and continue to take a few upper-level biology courses? I plan on taking the A&P, microbio, and any other cellular bio classes at a CC. It would be great to get some advice as to where I am headed. Thank you!
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